International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 4; Issue: 5; May 2014
Page Number: 1 - 347
Date of Publication: 28.05.2014


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Original Research Article 
1. Failure in Evidence Based Practice: Inadequacies of Recording Infants’ Deaths in Tabriz, Iran.

Abdolreza Shaghaghi, Farhad Pourememali
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2. Statins Associated With Orthostatic Hypotension in the Aging Hypertensive Adult of Caribbean Descent and the Protective Benefits of Angiotensin Enzyme Inhibitors.

Latoya Smith, Maxine Gossell-Williams, Denise Eldemire-Shearer
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3. Risk Factors for Unfavourable Fate Cases after Two Years of Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Chemotherapy (DOTS).

Dandekar RH, Dixit JV
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4. Awareness about HIV/AIDS among Auto Rickshaw Drivers at Field Practice Area of an Urban Health Centre at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Mukesh S.Bawa, Amol R Patil
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5. Morphometric Analysis of Annulo - Papillary Distances in Left Ventricle of Human Hearts.

S.Kavitha, V.Selvam, A.Anand, K.Y.Manjunath
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6. Anatomical Variations in the Arterial Supply of the Suprarenal Gland.

Sushma R.K, Mahesh Dhoot, Hemant Ashish Harode, Antony Sylvan D’Souza, Mamatha H
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7. Improvement in Glucose Tolerance due to Tinospora Cordifolia (Willd.).

Nagaraja Puranik, S.A.K. Kazi, Chaitra B, Shivakumar J, Omprakash K.V, Sheela Devi
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8. The Effect of Body Mass Index on Dynamic Lung Volumes.

Shinde PU, Irani FB, Heena Kauser GH
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9. Status of Lipid Peroxidation, Vitamin E and Catalase Activities and Their Association in Schizophrenia.

C. B. Shinde, A. N. Suryakar, A.S. Garad
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10. Study of Iron Status in Multi-Transfused Thalassaemic Patients in a Referral Hospital in Manipur.

Pratima Khoyumthem, A. Barindra Sharma, Th.Ibetombi Devi, K. Rachandra Singh, A. Meina Singh
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11. Circulating Lipid Peroxide and Antioxidant Status in Cigarette Smokers: An Oxidative Damage Phenomena.

Kanchan Mohod, Abhijit Ninghot, Azmat Kamal Ansari, Neelam Garg
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12. Comparison of Transudates and Exudates Using Malondialdehyde and Lipid Profile.

Usha Kiran P, Komala P
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13. Assessment of Fertility Hormones among Infertile Men in Red Sea State, Sudan.

Badreldein Hassan Elabid, Hussien Elhady Hussien Ahmed, Akram Hamed Awadalla
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14. Seroprevalence of Transfusion-Transmissible Infections HIV, HBV and HCV among Blood Donors in Perambalur, Tamilnadu.

M. Anuradha, Dandekar RH
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15. Characterisation and Detection of Virulence Factors, Alginate and Phospholipase ‘C’ in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Amit R Ugargol, N.S. Srikanth, Shilpa K, Santosh Patil
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16. Screening of Food Handlers for Intestinal Parasites and Enteropathogenic Bacteria in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Suvarna Sande (Tathe), Silpi Basak, Vaibhav Sande, Vidya Tawade
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17. Study of Prevalence of Dyslipidemia in Women with Diabetes Mellitus - A Cross Sectional Study.

Shalini M, Suresh Babu KP, Mounika K, Srinivasa Murthy AG
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18. Clinical Profile of Pancytopenia in Adults and Its Response to Therapy.

Akshay Navalkishor Lakhotia, Swati C. Aundhkar, S.A. Lomate, Aarti S. Heda, Nikhil G. Panpalia, Kushal N. Choraria
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19. To Study the Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Pulmonary Function Tests.

Nikhil. G. Panpalia, Sandhya Kulkarni, Swati C. Aundhkar, Shirish Agrawal, Akshay Lakhotia, Kushal Choraria
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20. Evaluate the Role of Serum Uric Acid in Acute Myocardial Infarction as a Prognostic Marker.

Shirish Agrawal, Swati C. Aundhkar, A. Patange, Nikhil G. Panpalia, Sheenu Jain, Rishu Garg
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21. Evaluation of Thyroid Function Tests in Patients with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Bharadiya Amit A, Swati C. Aundhkar, Jaju Jyotsna B, Bharadiya Rahi R
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22. Gender Discrimination in Relation to Exclusive Breast Feeding Practices amongst Twins in Rural India.

Sangeeta Basu, C D Aundhakar, Amit Galgali
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23. A Study on Impact of Literacy Level and Social Class on Initiation of Breast Feeding Practices in Bhopal District of Madhya Pradesh.

Chandramohan Reddy. S, Dharna Ajay Shobhane, Manjusha Goel
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24. Role of Primary Intramedullary Interlocking Nail in Compound Gustilo-IIIA Tibia Fracture in Developing World.

Younis Kamal, Hayat Ahmad Khan, Naseem Ul Gani, Snobar Gul, Ansar Ahmad Lone, Dara Singh
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25. Pregabalin for Post-Cholecystectomy Pain Relief- A Study on the Response of Two Different Doses.

T. Hemjit Singh, Rupendra Thokchom, Gojendra Rajkumar, Y. Arun Kumar Singh, A. Jack Meitei, N. Ratan Singh, L. Kameshwar Singh
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26. Tramadol Added to Lidocaine for Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia.

Nichelle M. Saldanha, K. Harshavardhan
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27. Psychiatric Morbidity in Under Trial Prisoners.

Neelu Sharma, Om Prakash, Kaptan Singh Sengar, Amool Ranjan Singh
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28. Correlation of Digital Examination Vs Perineometry in Measuring the Pelvic Floor Muscles Strength of Young Continent Females.

Ami Vishal Mehta, Zarna Ronak Shah, Priyanshu Rathod, Neeta Vyas
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29. Attitude of School Children towards Basic Life Support in Punjab, India.

Anurag Bhai Patidar, Asha Sharma
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30. Public Attitude toward Persons with Mental Illness: A Case Study of Amassoma Community in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Joel Adeleke Afolayan, Tom Weriwoyengipre Buodeigha, Lydia Titilayo Dada, Wakeel Adelani Tijani
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31. Preventing Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens - An Exploration of Knowledge and Practices among Nurses in India.

Sripriya Gopalkrishnan
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32. To Study the Relationship between Eating Habits and Physical Activities with Diabetes Mellitus.

Megha Mittal
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33. Impact of Yoga on Cholesterol and Triglyceride among the Middle Aged Men.

V. Nityananthan, B.Kalpana
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34. Understanding the Screening Behavior in Mothers and Adolescent Daughter's Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake - The Transtheoretical Model.

Chi-Chang Chang
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Short Communication 
35. Management of Distal Femur Fracture by Locking Compression Plate.

Mahesh D V, Gunnaiah, Vishwanath
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36. A Comparative Study to Assess the Life Satisfaction Level among Male and Female Geriatrics Living in Selected Old Age Homes of Indore City (MP).

M.S. Vinsi
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37. Solitary Extramedullary Plasmacytomas: The Demographic Profile and Clinical Outcome in a Tertiary Care Centre.

K.C Lakshmaiah, Srinivas K.G, Govindh Babu, Suresh T.M, Loknath D, Linu Jacob, Suresh Babu
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Review Article 
38. Effects of Smoking on Periodontal Therapy.

Sandeep Anant Lawande
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39. Palliative Care in Patients with Oral Cancer.

Shubhavinyasa, Shraddha Bahirwani, Jigna V. Raja
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Case Report 
40. Calcium Channel Blockers Induced Gingival Overgrowth: A Case Report.

Amudha D, C.D.Dwarakanath, Suryaprakash Narayanappa, Prasad M.G.S, Vinayak R
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41. Reversible Myelofibrosis: Physicians Enigma, Nightmare, and Delight - A Rare Case Report.

Raghava Sharma, Adithi K
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42. A Case of Adult-Onset Still’s Disease.

Singh Yatendra, Vivekanand Satyawali, Paramjeet Singh, Makrand Singh
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43. Primary Hydatid Cyst Presenting As a Breast Lump: Case Report.

Pravin Wamanrao Nikhade, Anjali Milind Chitale
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44. Exploratory Laparotomy done under IM+IV Sedation & Upper Abdominal Field Block in a Rare Case of Severe Mitral Stenosis with RVHD, Pulmonary Hypertension and Pulmonary Oedema with Atrial Fibrillation Having DU Perforation.

Shashi Jadhav Patil, Yashwant S. Patil
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45. Carcinoma or Ischaemic Colitis - A Clinical Conundrum.

Manish Jadhao, Anjali Milind Chitale, Tushar Patil, Rushikesh Pathwardhan
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46. Anaesthetic Considerations in a Patient with Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

Ashwini.H.R, Jyothi B, Deepsen Gupta
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47. A Large Plunging Ranula Causing Sleep Apnoea: A Case Report.

Haritosh K. Velankar, Yogesh G. Dabholkar, Naresh Dawat, Saurabh Kansal, Akanksha Saberwal
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48. A Case Report of VACTERL Association and Management of Its Renal Component.

Sachin Harish Jangle, Kailash Rameshwardas Gindodia, Mohammed Mobin Siddiqui
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49. Adenomatoid Tumor of Epididymis - A Case Report.

Rajshri Pisaram Damle, Kishor Hiraman Suryawanshi, Nandkumar V Dravid, Dhananjay V Newadkar, Arundhati S Gadre
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50. Villoglandular Papillary Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Cervix, with Parametrium Extension.

Sunil V. Jagtap, Swati S. Jagtap, N.S. Kshirsagar, Dhirajkumar B. Shukla, Akash Jain
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51. Dislocation of Knee - A Case Report.

Mahesh D V, Vineet John Kurisunkal, Gunnaiah
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52. A Rare Case of Alkaptonuria - Achilles Tendon Rupture.

Mahesh D V, Gunnaiah, Deepak CD, Vijay Chandar
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53. A Rare Case of Anterior Chest Wall Deformity.

Murali Krishna. S, Rajesh V, Udaya Kumar P, Kalpana T, Chandra Mohan. M, Naveen Kumar B
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54. Accessory Right Hepatic Artery Compensating Rudimentary Right Branch of Hepatic Artery Proper - A Case Report.

Naveen Kumar, Swamy Ravindra S, Prakashchandra Shetty, Satheesha B Nayak, Jyothsna Patil, Surekha D Shetty, Anitha Guru
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55. Unilateral Double Right Renal Arteries - A Case Report.

Naveen Kumar, Ashwini Aithal P, Swamy Ravindra S, Jyothsna Patil, Anitha, Suhani S, Mamatha H
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56. Panniculus Carnosus of the Abdomen - A Rare Presentation.

Sivacharan P.V, Geethanjali.B.S, Rajini.T, Varsha Mokhasi
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57. An Amazing Case of Left Atrial Tumor.

Ruqia Asna Rabah, Farqana Qushnood, Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Khudsya Fatima
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