International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 2; Issue: 7; October 2012
Page Number: 1 - 130
Date of Publication: 06.11.2012


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Original Research Article 
1. Comparative Study of Cardiovascular Autonomic Function Tests amongst Pregnant Women of First Trimester and Non Pregnant Women.

Ashwini N. Nilekar, Purushottam A. Giri, Sameer A. Kulkarni, Mangala S. Vatve
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2. Generation and District Wise Study of Sex Ratio.

Vijay P. More, Aniket R. Ingale, Vitthal S. Shinde
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3. Assessment of Existing Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Regarding Biomedical Waste Management among the Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Care Rural Hospital.

Radha R
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4. Mucin Histochemical Study of the Colon in Normal and Malignant Lesions.

Roopali D.Nikumbh, Dhiraj B.Nikumbh, B.N.Umarji
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5. A Comparative Study of Serum Lipid Profile in Short-Term, Moderate Alcohol Drinkers and Abstainers.

Malathy Thinnahanumaih, Nagaraja Puranik, Chaitra Bidare, Kararshah Fakruddin Kammar, Omprakash Kasaragod Venkatakrishniah, Vijay Maitri
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6. Outcome of Open Radical Cystectomy and Ileal Conduit: A Single Center Experience.

Mahesh Kalloli, Santosh.B.Chikaraddi, Vijayalaxmi Deshmane
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7. Psychiatric Morbidity and the Socio-Demographic Determinants of Patients Attempting Suicide in Kashmir Valley: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Sheikh Shoib, M Maqbool Dar, Haamid Bashir, Gousia Qayoom, Tasleem Arif
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8. Health Status of Adolescents in Selected Districts of Tamil Nadu.

A.Ponni Syamala, Dorothy Jaganathan
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9. Relation between Plasma Leptin, Anthropometric and Metabolic Covariates in Hypertensive Patients.

Sandeep Vaishnav, Rajesh Khoiwal
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10. Trust and Health Information Seeking Behavior: Results from the 2012 Health Information National Trends Survey.

Yiu Ming Chan
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Review Article 
11. Prevalence of Energy Malnutrition in Children under Five Years and Service Delivery Responses in Nepal.

Amrit Banstola
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12. A Systematic Review of the Quality of Life of Carers of Children with Cleft Lip and/or Palate.

Shae-Leigh C. Vella, Nagesh B. Pai
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Case Report 
13. Extracranial Giant AVM of the Scalp with Plexiform Neurofibromatosis in a Juvenile Child: A Case Report.

Vishwanath Sidram, Chandrakumar P C
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14. Lymphangioma Circumscriptum - A Case Report.

Rajendra A. Chaudhari, Suresh V.Mahajan, Harshal A. Patil, Naresh R.Mundhada
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15. A Non-Extraction Management of Highly Placed Maxillary Canine - A Case Report.

Mahantesh Chinagundi, Prashanth G.S, Silju Mathew
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16. Bilateral Congenital Contracture of the Quadriceps Muscle: A Case Report.

Narula Ramesh, Agarwal Ashok, Iraqi Azra, Arya Anjana
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17. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with Bilateral Lower Limb Involvement in an Adult.

Sneha Sameer Ganu
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18. Giant Pigmented Neurofibroma - An Unusual Variant of A Usual Tumor.

Santosh.B.Chikaraddi, Saratchandra Pingali, Vijayalaxmi Deshmane, Veerendra Kumar, Syed Althaf
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19. A Novel Adjuvant Therapy to Prevent Recurrence in Recurrent Aggressive Angiomyxoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature.

Shakuntala.P.N, Shobha.K, Bafna.U.D, Namrata.N.R, Ravi. N. P, Umadevi.K
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