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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume: 9 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 52-61

Combined Effect of Gross and Focused Myofascial Release Technique on Trigger Points and Mobility in Subjects with Frozen Shoulder- A Pilot Study

Peeyoosha Gurudut1, Aarti Welling2, Gayatri Kudchadkar3

1MPT, Associate Professor, Kaher Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi
2MPT, Lecturer, Kaher Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi
3BPT, Kaher Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi

Corresponding Author: Gayatri Kudchadkar


Objective: To evaluate the combined effect of gross and focused Myofascial release technique along with Maitland mobilization and conventional treatment on trigger points, mobility and function in subjects with frozen shoulder.
Method: 18 subjects who were clinically diagnosed with unilateral frozen shoulder were randomly allocated into the control group (n=9) and the Experimental group (n=9). Control group received hot moist pack, Maitland’s mobilization for shoulder joint while the Experimental group received Myofascial release along with the treatment given in control group. Intervention was given for 5 sessions consecutively. Outcome measures assessed were Pain Pressure Threshold, Functional Activity level and Shoulder Flexibility which were assessed on 1st day and 5th day of the treatment.
Results: Between the groups comparisons demonstrated that Experimental group showed significant improvement than the control group for all the outcome measures (p< 0.05).
Discussion: Addition of Myofascial release technique treatment as an adjunct to conventional treatment will have better benefits and faster recovery in patients with frozen shoulder.

Key words: Periarthritis shoulder; Trigger points; Myofascial Release; Mobilization; Gross Myofascial Release; Focused Myofascial Release.

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