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International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR)
Vol. 3; Issue: 9 (September 2013)
Pages: 1-131

Original Research Articles
1. Assessment of Plasma Levels of Fasting Blood Glucose, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, and HbA1c in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
P. 1-6

Seif Eldeen Ahmed, Elyasaa Mustafa, Esam Mohamed AbdulRaheem

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2. Comparative Study of Short Wave Diathermy and Exercise Together and Exercise Alone in the Management of Chronic Back Pain.
P. 7-13

Shabana Khan, Sharick Shamsi, Samiha Abdelkader

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3. Ossification of Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament: Incidence, Etiological Factors and Clinical Relevance.
P. 14-21

Raj Kishore Mahato, Parineeta Suman

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4. Learning Styles among the First Year Dental Students.
P. 22-28

V. Prabha

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5. Knowledge and Attitude towards Mental Health and Mental Illness: An Issue among Rural and Urban Community of Jhapa District of Nepal.
P. 29-34

Babita Singh, Rakesh Singh, Kaushal K Singh

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6. A Study of Attempted Suicides in Kolar, Karnataka.
P. 35-39

Muninarayana C, Anil NS, Prasanna Kamath, Mohan Reddy, Ravi Shankar S

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7. A Cadaveric Study of Human Splenic Notches and Fissures.
P. 40-44

Siva Nageswara Rao Sundara Setty, Raja Sekhar Katikireddi

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8. Physical Therapy in Temporomandibular Dysfunction Following Maxillo–Mandibular Fixation in Sub-Condylar Mandibular Fracture - A Single Case Study.
P. 45-55

Ratan Khuman, Dhara Chavda, Lourembam Surbala, Ekta Chaudhary, Urmi Bhatt, Gopal Nambi

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9. A Study on the Impact of Nutritional Education Program in the University of Hail.
P. 56-64

Syeda Bushra Fatima, Rafia Bano, Eyad Alshammari, Nada Salamah

[PDF Full Text]
10. Domestic Violence against Women in Rural Goa (India): Prevalence, Determinants and Help-Seeking Behaviour.
P. 65-71

Umesh S. Kamat, A.M.A. Ferreira, Kartavyi Mashelkar, Nadia R. Pinto, Shreya Pirankar

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11. Arterial Blood Gas Analysis - A Predicting Factor in the Outcome of Acute Severe Asthma in Children.
P. 72-80


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12. Maternal Antenatal Profile in Low Birth Weight (LBW) Babies.
P. 81-86

Jyoti Bala Jain, Ujjwala Jain, Deepandra Garg, Usha Rani Sharma, Neha Agrawal

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13. Effects of Different Surface Treatments on Ceramo-Metalic Surfaces.
P. 87-96

Mohammed M Al-Moaleem, Fuad A Al-Sanabani, Mohammed A Al-Labani, Abulkhaliq A F Alsadidi

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Review Articles
14. Brackets Mesh Changing Trends: A Review.
P. 97-102

V.A.Afsal, Pradeep Philip George, Sandeep Mathew, Nishad V M, Shabeer Ali P, Soumya K M

[PDF Full Text]


Women and Oral Health - A Brief Review.
P. 103-108

Neha Sisodia, Abha Singh

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16. Chemokine Receptor Antagonist - Plerixafor, a Novel Strategy for Blood Stem Cell Mobilization.
P. 109-114

Sunil Kumar Mathur, Arun Kumar Sharma, Renu Mathur

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Case Reports
17. Acute Panmyelosis with Myelofibrosis: A Rare Entity.
P. 115-119

Vaneeta Bhardwar, Preeti Bajaj, Balbir Singh Shah

[PDF Full Text]
18. Scimitar Syndrome: A Rare Reality.
P. 120-123

Ashfaq ul Hassan, Ghulam Hassan, Shabin ul, Zahida Rasool

[PDF Full Text]
19. Thyroid Abscess in a Child.
P. 124-127

Srinath S, Suma KR, Kumar GV

[PDF Full Text]
20. Ivemark Syndrome with Asplenia and Multiple Complex Cardiac Defects - A Case Report.
P. 128-131

Gaurav Jain, Sujata R Kanetkar

[PDF Full Text]
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