International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 6; Issue: 8; August 2016
Page Number: 1 - 428
Date of Publication: 05.08.2016


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Original Research Article 
1. Declining Trends in Risk Behaviors and HIV/ STIs among Male Clients of FSWs in India: Findings from Large Scale Bio-Behavioral Surveys from Three High Prevalent Southern States.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Shreena Ramanathan, Santhakumar Aridoss, Diwakar Yadaw, K. Boopathi, Prabuddhagopal Goswami, Thilakavathi Subramanian, Rajatashuvra Adhikary, Venkaiah K, Bitra George, R.S. Paranjape
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2. Use of Personal Protective Equipment among Health Workers in a Tertiary Health Institution, South East Nigeria: Pre-Ebola Period.

Emmanuel N. Aguwa, Sussan U. Arinze-Onyia, Anne Ndu
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3. A Retrospective Study of Birth Weight and Their Risk Factors among Rural Women.

Anju Ade, Brunda NK, Ramesh Patil
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4. Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of General Population of Ambala towards Hypertension.

Sandeep Kumar, Anshu Mittal, Anuj Bishnoi
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5. An Assessment of Nutritional Status of 1 To 5 Year Old Children in Slum Area under Urban Health Training Centre, Guwahati.

Abhishek Gope, Kanika K Baruah, Jutika Ojah
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6. Health Seeking Behaviour among Patients with Tuberculosis Attending Tribal Health Care Centres of H.D. Kote Taluk, Mysuru District.

Prakash Boralingiah, Dennis Chauhan, Praveen Kulkarni, Renuka Manjunath
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7. Remodeling of Heart and Pulmonary Vasculature in Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients.

Sanjay Kumar Dubey, Preshant Shrivastava, Amit Prakash
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8. Study of Lipoprotein (a) in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Nephropathy.

Zeba Siddiqi, Ritu Karoli, Jalees Fatima, Shruti Jagirdar, Saumya Gupta, Manish Gupta
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9. Clinico-Mycological Profile of Clinically Diagnosed Cases of Dermatophytosis in North India -A Prospective Cross Sectional Study.

Isampreet Kaur, Kamlesh Thakur, Anuradha Sood, Vikram K Mahajan, Puneet Kumar Gupta, Smriti Chauhan, Subhash Chand Jaryal
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10. A Population Based Survey to Assess the Scenario of Leprosy in a High Endemic Block in South Tamilnadu.

Kavitha, R.Kothandaramasamy, G. Geetharani, S. Amutha
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11. Clinical and Epidemiological Study of 20 Cases of Systemic Sclerosis from South India.

Anbumalar M, R. Kothandaramasamy, G. Geetharani, P. Sathesh
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12. Screening for Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Young Male Smokers: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Raghav Shah, Paramjeet Singh, Ajitabh Soni, Sunil Kumar
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13. Bachadani (Uterine) Syndrome Among Kashmiri Women, A Culture Bound Syndrome?

Tajamul Hussain, Jahangeer Ahmad Bhat, Murassa Shamshad, Arselan Amin Malik,Shabir Ahmad Mir, Mahak Shafat
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14. Prospective Study of Ocular Manifestation of Road Traffic Accidents on East Coast Road Presenting to Tertiary Care Centre in Tamilnadu.

Achanti Swathi, Adnan Matheen, Charanya C, Stephen Sudhakar
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15. Estimation of GFR in First Degree Relatives and Spouses of Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis by Using Formulae.

Manjusha Yadla, Srikanth Burri
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16. Profile of Deferred Blood Donors in Barak Valley District of Assam.

Leena Talukdar, Shah Alam Sheikh, Debashish Datta, Rangnath Chaubey
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17. Detection of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2) Gene Mutation in Sudanese Pediatric Patients with Leukemia.

Eihab Idris Mohammed, Babikr Ahmed Mohamed, Fath Elrahman Mahdi Hassan Gameel, Mansoor Mohammed Mansoor
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18. Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Non-Fermentative Gram Negative Bacilli in a Tertiary Care Hospital: Our Experience.

Susmitha Simgamsetty, Padmaja Yarlagadda, Ramesh Babu Myneni, Uma Penmetcha
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19. Effectiveness of Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course (DOTS) on Treatment of Tuberculosis Patients in Afar Region, Ethiopia.

Tizazu Zenebe, Chalachew Genet, Ermias Tefera, Kefenie Kelebecha
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20. Bacteriological Profile of Urinary Tract Infections among Pregnant Women (Clinically Suspected of Having UTIs) in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Uttara borkotoki, Saurabh Borkotoki,Purnima Barua, Angshurekha Das, Purnima Rajkhowa
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21. Morphological Study of the Plantaris Muscle.

Sandeep Mohite, Hemalata Mohite, Raghunath More
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22. Morphometric Study of Fourth Ventricle Indices by Computed Tomography.

Poonam Patnaik, Satbir Singh, Dalvinder Singh, Vishram Singh
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23. Comparison of Lung Related Discomforts among Female Mud Molders and Brick Carriers of Brick Manufacturing Unit of West Bengal, India.

Sugata Das, Anandi Bagchi, Somnath Gangopadhyay, Subrata Ghosh
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24. Study of Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials in Normal Hearing Men and Women.

Abhay Kumar Pandey, Deepti Pandey
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25. A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practice of Hand Washing among School Going Adolescents in Chennai.

R.Tamilarasi, R.Arunmozhi, V. Karthick Raja, M.Rajajeyakumar
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26. Study of Liver Function Tests in Normal Pregnancy: A Hospital Based Study.

Alaka Das, Anju Barhai Teli, Saurabh Borkotoki
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27. Serum Ferritin Level in Sickle Cell Disease.

P. K. Khodiar, P. K. Patra, G. K Sahu
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28. Study to Determine the Association of Depression with Isotretinoin Therapy in Acne Vulgaris.

Pooja Prakash, Anil Mohite, Veena Bansode
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29. Anticariogenic Effect of Gambir (Uncaria Gambir [Roxb.]) Extract on Enamel Tooth Surface Exposed by Streptococcus Mutans.

Siti Rusdiana Puspa Dewi, Muhammad Totong Kamaluddin, Theodorus, Rindit Pambayun
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30. To Study the Effect of Pranayama on Depression in Geriatric Population.

Prachi Deshbhratar
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31. Evaluation of Aerobic Capacity in Regular Yoga Practitioners and Indian Classical Dancers: A Comparative Study.

Ujwal L Yeole, Ruchi Tople, Pravin Gawali, Roshan Adkitte, Gaurai Gharote
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32. Correlation of Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Middle Age Female Medical Professionals.

Srishti S Sharma, Megha S Sheth, Rutvik S Purani
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33. Establishing Validity and Reliability of Modified Occupational Questionnaire in 18-25 Year Old Unemployed Youths in Delhi-NCR.

Divya Malhotra, Ruby Aikat, Arun Kumar
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34. Factors Influencing the Utilisation of Family Planning contraceptives among Men and Women in the Ho Municipality of Ghana.

Evelyn Sunnu, Peter Adatara, Frederick Yaw Opare, Anthony Kuug, Felix Nyande
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35. Anxiety among Pregnant Women Visiting Antenatal Care (ANC) OPD at Dhulikhel Hospital.

Sushila Shrestha, Anuja Awasthi
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36. Effectiveness of Routine Back Massage versus Jasmine Oil Back Massage Versus Coconut Oil Back Massage on Labour Pain among Parturient Mothers in Selected Tertiary Care Hospital Bangalore.

Rajkumari Freshy Devi, C. Sangeetha
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37. Prevalence of Stress, Anxiety and Its Correlates among Adolescents in Kannur District, Kerala, India.

Bindu K Nair, K E Elizabeth
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38. Knowledge on Biomedical Waste Management among Nurses Working in Hospital at Madurai.

Suganya Panneerselvam
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39. Reflection Diary in Development of Experiential Learning Skills among Student Nurses.

Atul Sharma, Chanu Bhattacharya
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40. A Pre Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Assertiveness Training on Self-Esteem among Adolescent Girls in Selected School, Nepal.

Susmita Pandey, Simi J.L, A. Judie, Vijayalakshmi, Vivek Pant5, Shanta Gyawali0
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41. Health Care Seeking Practice for Menopausal Problems among Women in Syangja District, Nepal.

Shanta Gyawali, Shankar Nand Subedi, Nawazia Yasmin, Susmita Pandey
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42. A Study on Newborn Complications Due To Delivery Process in Hospitals of Rupandehi District, Nepal.

Shanta Sharma, Neena Gupta
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43. Exploring R&D and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Initiatives on Leishmaniasis (Kala Azar) in India.

Ranjana Bharti
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44. The Impact of the Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Higher Obesity Rates in the Central Gulf Coast.

Hosik Min
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45 Knowledge and Use of Contraceptives among Single Women in Tertiary Education, Ndola, Zambia.

Bwanga Clementina Chikwashi, David Mulenga, Mazyanga Lucy Mazaba, Seter Siziya
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46. Explaining Urban-Rural Differences in Utilization of Skilled Delivery Care Services in Kenya.

Phyllis Mumia Machio
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47. Predictors of Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Services in India: An Analysis of District-Level Information.

Rahul Srivastava, Sonam Bedi
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48. Determinants of the Use of Delivery and Post Natal Care Services by Pregnant Women and Analyses of These Factors Contributing on the Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services in Bangladesh.

Md.Ruhul Kabir, Mansura Mokbul
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49. Impact of Nutritional Knowledge on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of Young Collegiate Women (18-22 Years).

Vidisha Sharma, Salila Thomas, Meenal Shrivastav
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50. What Explains The High Rate of Infant Mortality in Rural Nigeria: Biodemographic or Socioeconomic Factors?

Anthony I. Wegbom, Dagogo S. A. Wokoma, Love C. Nnoka, Chibo Onyesom
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51. Differential and Determinants of Neonatal and Postnatal Mortality in India.

Payal Singh, Akash Mishra, RN Mishra
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52. Risk of Depression in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Is Modulated by a Genetic Variant within DRD4 Gene: North Indian Diabetes-Depression Link Exploration Study (NIDDLES).

Gurpreet Kaur, Harjot Dhillon, Ritu Sharma, Kanchan Mehta, Shallu Khullar, Sarabjit Mastana, Monica Singh, Puneetpal Singh
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Short Communication 
53. Rapid Health Data Report: TB Rates in India, 2011-2014-Public Health Implications.

Gregory Fant
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Review Article 
54. Radiation Induced Caries.

Jesline Merly James, Manjunath P Puranik, Sowmya K R
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55. Child Abuse and Neglect.

Yalçın KANBAY, Özgür ASLAN, Elif IŞIK
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56. A Holistic Ayurvedic Approach in Management of Sthaulya (Obesity).

Khemchand Sharma, Parul Rani
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57. A Conceptual Study of Sira in the Context of Siravedhana - A Review Article.

Shrimali Dipakkumar Jayantkumar, Vikash Bhatnagar
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58. Developmental Process, Role of Play in Developmental Process, Developmental Delay, Effectiveness of Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Pride Skills: A Systemic Review.

Meenu Kumari, Simarnjeet Kaur, Ajesh Kumar
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59. Revisiting the Chronic Renal Disease in Pediatric Patients.

Rívia Mara Morais e Silva, Letícia Parreiras Nunes Sousa,Cristina de Mello Gomide Loures, Marcus Vinícius Dias-Souza, Ana Cristina Simões e Silva, Luci Maria SantAna Dusse
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Case Report 
60. Complete Ossification of Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament and Its Clinical Significance - A Case Report.

Mangala S, Sathyamurthy B
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61. Hypercholesterolemia Associated Eruptive Xanthoma - A Rare Case Report.

M M Gopalraju, Senthil Raja M, Ajay Sam Kumar W, Mohammed Azath Ali, Shankar R
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62. Bilateral Adductor Vocal Cord Palsy: Complication of Prolonged Endo Tracheal Intubation.

Abha Gune, Pramod Kale, Roy Patankar, S.K.Mathur
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63. Malignant Melanoma Rectum.

B. Ananda Rama Rao, M. Data Prasad
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64 Incidental Finding of Misplaced Cu-T Device: A Rare Case Report.

Mehkat Ansari, Zehra Mohsin, Fatima Usmani, Md Talha Khan Abid
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65. Rupture of Unscarred Uterus in Primigravida after Induction of Labour with Misoprostol-A Rare Complication.

Rekha Sachan, Munna Lal Patel, Pushpalata Sachan, Pooja Gupta
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66. Spheno-Orbital Meningo-Encephalocoele due to Absence of Sphenoid Wing in NFM 1 - A Case Report.

Sanjay Mhalasakant Khaladkar, Vigyat Kamal, Anubhav Kamal, Raghav Kalra
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67. Giant Cell Tumor of the Thoracic Spine - A Case Report.

Pradosh Kumar Sarangi, Debabrata Pattanayak, Pratisruti Hui, Mamata Singh, Jayashree Mohanty
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68. Warthin like Variant of Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid Associated with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Urshlla Kaul, Reeta Dhar, D.B Borkar, Shilpi Sahu, Manisha Tambekar, Avni Gupta, Deesha Bhemat
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69. An Anomalous Collision Tumour In the breast! Angiosarcoma and Benign Phyllodes Tumour.

Sanchari Saha, D.B.Borkar, Reeta Dhar
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