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International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 4; Issue: 3; March 2014
Page Number: 1 - 221


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Original Research Article 
1. An Exploration of Factors Associated with Jigger Infestation (Tungiasis) among Residents of Muranga North District, Kenya.

Thomas Matenjwa Kamau, Ruth Nyambura Ngechu, Zelalem Teka Haile, James Mwitari
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2. Knowledge, Attitude, Practices about Malaria in a Rural Endemic Area of Kolar, India.

Mahesh.V, Muninarayana.C, Anil.N.S, Ravishankar.S, Prabhudeva M.C, Sunil B.N
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3. A Cross sectional Study to assess Quality of Informally Marketed Milk in Urban & Rural Field Practice Areas of J.N.M.C., Belgaum.

Neeta KH, Shivaswamy MS, Metgud SC, Mallapur MD, Naik VA
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4. A Sociological Study of Children Irregularity and Dropout from Anganwadi Centre of Kolar District, Karnataka State.

G.M. Nagaraja, Anil, Muninarayana.C, S. Ravishankar
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5. A Cross-Sectional Study of Health Problems and Health - Seeking Behavior of Aged Population from Rural Area of South India.

Pravin N Yerpude, Keerti S Jogdand, Mohini S Jogdand
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6. Hygiene Practices in Rural Area of Doti District, Nepal.

Lal Bahadur Kunwar, Bir Bahadur Kunwar, Varidmala Jain, Sudarshan Subedi
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7. Hematological Abnormalities in Febrile HIV-Infected Patients and Factors Related to Them.

Xhensila Prendushi-Frasheri, Vjollca Shpata, Arjan Harxhi Najada Como, Arben Pilaca, Dhimiter Kraja
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8. Evaluation of Percentage of Change in Plasma NT-ProBNP Level Following Treatment of Acute Heart Failure Syndromes- A Prospective Clinical Study.

Vishnuvardhan BR, Gupta GB, RL Khare, Sujith Tumkur Rajashekar, Amitabh A Kumar, Rama Mohan Pathapati
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9. Study of Clinical Profile of Malaria in Tertiary Referral Centre in Western Maharashtra.

Chetan J. Galande, Rajaram R. Desai, Swati C. Aundhakar, Aparna P. Patange, Utkarsh K. Goel
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10. Pattern of Preterm Delivery and Their Outcome in a Tertiary Hospital.

Onankpa BO, Isezuo K
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11. A Correlation between Fatal Road Traffic Accidents and Head Injuries: An Autopsy Study.

Shivaramu MG, Vijay Kumar AG, Kumar U
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12. Comparative Effect of Pilates and Feldenkrais Intervention on Functional Balance and Quality of Life in Ambulatory Geriatric Population: A Randomized Controlled Study.

Gopal Nambi S, Parth S. Trivedi, Shirin M. Momin, Shreya Patel, Divyesh P. Pancholi
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13. Association of Environmental Tobacco Smoking with Pulmonary Functions among Pregnant Women: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Jani Chaitsi, E. Shanmugunanth, Gopal Nambi, Ankita Makwana
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14. Association between Confidence in Balance and Actual Balance Performance in Stroke Patients.

Zarna Ronak Shah, Shraddha J. Diwan
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15. Assessing Quality of Life in Patients with Glaucoma Using the Glaucoma Quality of Life -15 (GQL-15) Questionnaire in Indian eyes.

Naveen B, Smitha. VK, Mithun Pai, Shilpa N
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16. Comparison of Astigmatism Before and After Pterygium Surgery.

Prakriti Chourasia, Anil D Mehta, Pradip Kumar
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17. Yield of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Abdominal Tuberculosis.

Sharvari Pujari, Vikram Chaudhari, RY Prabhu, AN Supe, RD Bapat, Chetan Kantharia
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18. Incidence of Staphylococcus Aureus in Elective Surgery and Its Correlation with Carrier State - A Study in Rural Set Up.

Vinay Kumar Yadav, Anjali M. Chitale, Vishal Pawar, Niraj Singh
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19. Comparison of Symptoms after Routine Double J Stenting Versus Non Double J -Stenting Following Uncomplicated Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy (URSL) in Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital.

Karmacharya A, Joshi HN, Rajbhandari M, Karmacharya R
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20. A Study on the Association of Oblique Pinna with Asymptomatic Congenital Acyanotic Heart Diseases.

Sumi Ghorai, Swapan Bhattacharjee
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21. Morphometry of the Posterior Border of the Hip Bone.

Lakshmi TA, Jose A, Nisha T, Pallavi S
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22. The Study on the Incidence and Direction of Nutrient Foramina in the Diaphysis of Radius Bone of South Indian Origin and Their Clinical Importance.

Gopalakrishna K, Sreekala.M.A, B.S. Rathna
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23. Variation of Pulmonary Function Tests with Relation to Increasing Age in Healthy Adults.

Anugya Aparajita Behera, Basanta Kumar Behera, Somnath Dash, Soumya Mishra
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24. Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Needle Core Biopsy of Prostatic Lesions.

Kanya Kumari, Durga, Ramakrishna Baru
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25. Phenotypic Detection of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance among the Clinical Isolates of Staphylococcus Aureus by Using D-Test.

Harish S. Ghogare, Sunil S. Hatkar, M. P. Bansal
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26. Incidence of Acid-Fast Bacilli among the Patients Attending in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India - Some Socio-Demographic Correlates.

Yogendra Kumar Tiwari, Dileep Kumar Sharma, Bharti Malhotra, Pushpa Mehta
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27. Comparative Efficacy of Heparin Saline and Normal Saline Flush for Maintaining Patency of Peripheral Intravenous Lines: A Randomized Control Trial.

Anurag Bhai Patidar, Mamta Choudhary, Bindu K, Vandana Midha
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28. Non Communicable Disease (NCDs) Control Activities by Female Health Workers (FHWs) and Availability of Related Facilities at Selected Sub Centres of DK District, Karnataka, India.

Leena KC, Shakuntala BS
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29. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Stress Management Protocol on the Perceived Level of Stress among the Professional and Non-Professional Students in Selected Colleges of Rajasthan.

Mahipal Singh
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30. Breakfast Skipping and Health Status among University Professionals in Bangladesh.

Shatabdi Goon, Munmun Shabnam Bipasha
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31. Role of Sodium and Potassium Ions in Identification of Second Generation Offspring Gender in Rats.

S. Chandraju, Ashraf Beirami, C. S. Chidan Kumar
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32. Study on Health Information Seeking Behaviour among Inpatients in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

P. Naveen Kumar, K. Pushottam Hoovayya, SalmeAkhtar Ahmed
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33. The Prevalence of Thalassaemia Trait among Medical Laboratory Technology Students of UiTM Puncak Alam, Malaysia.

Bahari M, Md.Saad WM, Kamarudin E, Safura R, Ya’cob N
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Short Communication 
34. Cheiloscopy- A Tool in Crime Investigation.

Shivaramu MG, Vijay Kumar AG, Kumar U
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35. Contamination of Patient’s Medical Files in ICU: Potential Source of Nosocomial Infection.

Anuradha G Tolpadi, Jadhavar Sulochana Ravindra, Modak Meera Sujeet
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36. Conventional Approach in Genitourinary Anomalies: A Pictorial Essay.

Anitha B, Satish Tumbal, Vishal N.S
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37. Bifurcation of Common Carotid Artery: A Cadaveric Study in South Indian Population.

S. Shivaprakash, A.G.Vijaykumar
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Review Article 
38. Living in Relationship - An Indian Perspective.

N T Satish
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Case Report 
39. Nocardia in Buccal Space Abscess - An Oral Manifestation: A Case Report.

Beena, Rameez Raja, Sandeep, Kavitha Karur, Peralam Yegneswaran Prakash, Indumathi VA
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40. Primary Multifocal Osseous Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Case Report.

Lakshmaiah KC, Rachan Shetty KS, Harisha K, Guruprasad B
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41. Parietal Abdominal Wall Swelling Turning Out To Be a Parietal Complication of Hydatid Cyst of Liver - A Case Report.

Niraj B. Singh, Anjali M. Chitale, Vinay Kumar Yadav
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42. Hydranencephaly in a Male Neonate: A Case Report and Literature Review.

Onankpa BO, Adamu A, Nauzo A, Jiya NM
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43. Sudden Death in a Young Army Personnel- A Case Report.

N T Satish, Vinay, S Harish, Girish Chandra
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44. Thrombocytopenia and Absent Radius Syndrome (Tar Syndrome) with Hypoplastic Left Kidney: A Rare Case Report.

Sanjay P, Patil M M, Dhamangaonkar B R, Pattanshetti R C, Patil S V
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45. Yellow Nail Syndrome - Report of a Classical Case from Eastern India.

Arijit Nag. Sumantro Mondal, Avinandan Banerjee, Sandipan Halder, Debanjali Sinha, Atanu Chakraborty, Tony Ete
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46. Primary Extranodal Extralymphatic Hodgkins Lymphoma: A Rare Case Report.

Vinayak Raje, Vaishali Raje, Aditya Punamiya, Umesh Avarade, Sanjay Patil, M A Phansopkar
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