International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 3; Issue: 7; July 2013
Page Number: 1 - 91


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Original Research Article 
1. Phospholipids as a Predisposing Factor of Recurrent Miscarriage in Sudanese Women.

Jevara Mohamed Khaleefa, Esam Mohamed Abdul-Raheem
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2. Fermented Camel Milk Reduces Inflammation in Rats Fed a High-Fat Diet.

Badkook, M. Maha
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3. Fetal Outcome in Pregnant Women with Reduced Fetal Movements.

Syeda.R.M, Shakuntala.P.N, Shubha.R.Rao, Sharma.S.K, Claudius. S
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4. Evaluation of Pattern of Cervical Cytology in a Tertiary Care Hospital - A Four Years Study.

Kishor H. Suryawanshi, N.V.Dravid, Rajshri P.Damle, A.S.Gadre, Priya S.Bagale, Neelam Ahire
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5. Community Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Outcomes in Nigeria: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physiotherapists in Enugu State.

Igwesi-Chidobe Chinonso N, Okafor Udoka AC
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6. Myofascial Release Technique in Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis: A Randomized Controlled Study.

P. Ratan Khuman, Parth Trivedi, Surbala Devi, D. Sathyavani, Gopal Nambi, Kimi Shah
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7. Correlation between Plasma Interleukin-18 Level and Disease Activity in Jordanian Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Nesreen G. AL-abdallat, Mohammed S. El-Khatee, Helen Shaji John Cecily, Allam Khaleel
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8. A Cost Effective Mounting Medium QAA Mountant.

Roopa Ravindranath, Yogitha Ravindranath, R Victor , V Sumithra
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9. High School Teachers’ Opinion about Sex Education for Adolescents.

Veena S Algur
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10. Visual Inspection by Acetic Acid as a Tool in Screening of Cervical Cancer in Rural Areas of Hapur, UP.

Asha Misra, Ajay Kansal, Kalpana Verma, Prasanna Chandra, Akash Gupta
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11. A Study of Stress due to Physical Appearance in Orthopedically Impaired (OI) and Non OI Individuals and its Association with Behavioral Health Risk Factors.

Vallari T. Kukreti, Anju T. Bisht
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Review Article 
12. Historical Aspects of Leech Therapy: A Critical Review.

Malik Itrat, Zarnigar, N. Haque
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Case Report 
13. Posterior Mediastinal Mass-Extraskeletal Ewings Sarcoma.

Lakshmaiah KC, Sandip G, Guruprasad B, Nagesh TS, Siddhartha B, Govindababu K
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14. Carcinoid Tumor of Small Intestine with Carcinoid Syndrome.

Khan Talat, Mahajan Meera, Smita S. Mulay
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