International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 3; Issue: 12; December 2013
Page Number: 1 - 192


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Original Research Article 
1. Thyrotoxicosis during Pregnancy: Etiologies and Outcome.

Abdullah Karawagh, Mohamed Ashif, Muhammad Sohail Anjum
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2. Morphological Study of Branches of Femoral Artery in the Femoral Triangle- A Human Cadaveric Study.

Shaik Ahammad Peera, Raju Sugavasi
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3. Comparative Study of Myofascial Release and Cold Pack in Upper Trapezius Spasm.

Ekta S. Chaudhary, Nehal Shah, Neeta Vyas, Ratan Khuman, Dhara Chavda, Gopal Nambi
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4. Proportion of Low Birth Weight (LBW) and Associated Risk Factors in the Rural Field Practice Area of M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore.

Vidya GS, Lalitha K, Hemanth T, Suryanarayana SP, Jeevan HR, Nandagudi Srinivasa Murthy
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5. Expression of Beta Catenin in Sudanese Women with Breast Cancer.

Nimat Nassir, Esam Mohamed Abdul-Raheem, Nada Salih
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6. Intraperitoneal Instillation: Ropivacaine Vs Bupivacaine For Post Operative Pain Relief In Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

Rakesh Babu, Prithi Jain, Lulu Sherif
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7. Major Causes of Low Vision and Blindness in Southeast Nigeria.

Azuamah YC, Amadi AN, Esenwah EC, Iloh GU
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8. Health Related Quality of Life in Adults with Neck Pain: A Cross Sectional Survey.

Reshma S. Gurav, Neelam K. Nayak, Karishma Jain
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9. The Association between Bacterial Infections Including Bacterial Vaginosis and Premature Rupture of Membranes.

M. Bharathi, B. Pratibha, I. Jyothi Padmaja
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10. Liver Injuries and Trauma - An Autopsy Study.

Vijaykumar AG, U Kumar, MG Shivaramu
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11. Evaluation of Myeloperoxidase in Saudi Patients with Chronic Renal Failure.

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, Kamal Eldin Hussein Elhassan, Hussein Yousif Abdallah, Bader Eldien Hassan Elabid
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12. Assessment of Beliefs and Practices Relating to Menstrual Hygiene of Adolescent Girls in Lebanon.

Tania Santina, Nancy Wehbe, Fouad M. Ziade, Mona Nehme
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13. Effect of Specific Lumbar Stabilization Exercise by Using an Unstable Training Device on Pain, Lumbopelvic Stability and Functional Disability in Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Study.

Sathiyavani Dhanakotti, Gopal Nambi, Ratan Khuman, Reji K. Samuel, Leena R, Parth Trivedi
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14. Integration of Problem Based Learning with Conventional Teaching for Understanding Anatomy among First Year Medical Students.

Yogesh M, Viveka S, Sudha M J, Santhosh Kurugod, Ajay Udyavar
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15. Total and Differential Leucocyte Count in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.

Geraldine Monteiro, Subbalakshmi NK, Anupama N, Sheila R Pai
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16. Effect of Planned Early Ambulation on Selected Postnatal Activities of Postcaeserean Patients.

Jyoti V Dube, N. S. Kshirsagar, P.M. Durgawale
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17. A Community Based Screening of Asymptomatic Typhoid Carriers in Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Zige D.V, Ohimain E.I, Sridhar M. K. C, Ogbopuru G. E
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18. An Ultrasonographic Study of Fetal Development from 36 to 42 Weeks.

Gautam A. Shroff , Manisha B. Rajale
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19. Attitude to People with Mental Illness: A Mental Health Literacy Survey from Punjab State.

Rajesh Kumar
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20. Are You Stressed with Breast Cancer? Get Emotional Support to Scale down Stress and Improve Quality of Life- a Pilot Study.

Sampoornam W
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21. Effectiveness of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Package on Biopsychosocial Variables among Suicidal Patients at Dhanvantri Critical Care Centre, Erode.

A. Arvin Babu, Prasanna Baby
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Review Article 
22. Potential of Herbs in Prevention of Obesity- A Review Article.

Shruti Singh, Pooja Verma, Sunita Mishra
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Case Report 
23. Kartagener’s Syndrome: A Case Report.

Pranay Bajpai, Abhishek Singhai, Ila Bajpai, Seema Gupta, Ashok Bajpai, RK Jha
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24. Compound Palmar Ganglion.

Rahul Parmar, Kalpesh Mehta, Rutul Gandhi, Ninad Mohite
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25. Mucocele of the Sphenoid Sinus Caused by Aspergillus Fumigatus.

Satyajeet Bhoite, Anuradha Tolpadi, Sunita Bhatawdekar, Meera Modak, Arti Jain
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26. Kikuchi Disease - A Rare Reality.

Koushik Pan, Subrata Chakrabarti, Rajdip Choudhury, Anup Sarkar, Ritabrata Mitra
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27. Presence of an Accessory Flexor Muscle in the Posterior Compartment of the Leg and Its Possible Clinical Complications - A Case Report.

Mamatha Hosapatna, Pallavi, Lakshmeesha Rao, Antony Sylvan Dsouza
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28. Surgical Management of Nasopalatine Cyst: An Unusual Case Report.

Munaza Shafi, Reyaz Ahmad, Prabhati Gupta, Nawal Khan, Mirza Umair
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