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Review Article

Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume: 9 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 298-303

Role of Harārat Gharīziyya (Vital Heat) and Tabi‘At (Physis) During Growth and Process of Ageing: A Review

Dr Fateh Ali Tipo1, Dr Benazir Khanam2, Dr Tariq Nadeem Khan 3, Dr Irshad Ahmad4

1Assistant Professor Deptt. Of Kulliyat Jamia Tibbiya Deoband Saharanpur Highway Dist. Saharanpur U.P
2Assistant Professor Deptt. Of Ilmul Qabalat wa Amraze Niswan Jamia Tibbiya Deoband Saharanpur Highway Dist. Saharanpur U.P
3Associate Professor Deptt. Of Kulliyat National Institute of Unani Medicine Kottigepalya Magadi main Road Bangalore Karnataka.560091.
4Assistant Professor Deptt. Ilaj Bit Tadbeer Deoband Unani Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Deoband. Dist. Saharanpur U.P

Corresponding Author: Dr Fateh Ali Tipo


Background and objectives: Concept of Tabi‘at (Physis) is pivotal in Unani system of medicine. Physis executes various metabolic functions in human body and uses vital heat as a tool for these functions. Physis maintains normal Mizaj (constitution) of the body because it is the basis for health. It causes growth and development in all organs of the body. This process of growth and development remains continue by Physis till the vital heat is in sufficient quantity. As much as age advances and development reaches the stages of stability Harārat Gharīziyya remains active and accomplishes all developmental tasks very well up to this stage. After this deterioration starts in vital heat and dissolution comes gradually. When vital heat decrease Physis becomes unable to execute is functions. In this article we will discuss the role of Physis regarding growth and process of ageing with the help of vital heat.

Key words: Tabiat, Physis, Vital heat, Ageing, Hararat, Mizaj.

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