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Review Article

Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume: 9 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 255-260

Khalitya (Hair Fall) Management - Ayurvedic Perspective

Dr. Princy Purwar1, Dr. S. S. Yadav2, Dr. Pragya Gangele3

1JR 2, 2Assistant Professor, 3JR 3,
Department of Samhita & Sanskrit, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU, Varanasi,

Corresponding Author: Dr. Princy Purwar


Ayurveda is a deep ocean of knowledge in which not only systemic disease but also local minor diseases are described in detail. Hair fall is one of the minor diseases which is affecting approximately 1.7% of the world population and challenging task for physicians. Hair fall has been described in Ayurveda by the name of khalitya roga under the heading of kshudra roga (minor disease) or shiroroga (diseases of head & scalp). It is progressing disorder people living in sedentary ways of life, stress induced hectic schedules along with indiscriminate dietary habits result in many disturbance and deficiencies in the body which directly reflect in loss of hair. We can reduce & manage this rising problem of hair fall through modifying life style, purification therapy and medication practicing in Ayurveda.

Key words: Khalitya, indralopa, hair oil, nasya.

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