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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume: 9 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 149-155

Assess the Effects of Electronic Gadgets (Television, Mobile Phone and Computer) on Health Status among Secondary School Students in the Selected Districts of Maharashtra

Mr. Sunil Malhar Kulkarni1, Dr.(Mrs) Nilima Rajan Bhore2

1(A.P.) & Research scholar, BVDU, CON, Sangli. .Maharashtra. India.
2Dean Faculty of Nursing & Principal, BVDU, CON, Sangli. Maharashtra. India.

Corresponding Author: Mr. Sunil Malhar Kulkarni


Introduction: As the use of television, mobile phone and computer is much more by adolescent is concerned. They are prone as well as suffering with harmful effects of electronic gadgets. This study was done to assess the effects of electronic gadgets (television, mobile phone and computer) on health status among secondary school students in the selected districts of Maharashtra.
Research Methodology: A quantitative research approach with cross sectional survey designed was used. By using non-probability, convenient sampling 36 secondary school students were selected as sample. The predesigned, validated, pretested and reliable 9 health assessment tools ((hearing, body weight, digestion, sleep, emotional status, finger tip ulcer, vision, bowel movement and comfort) were used to collect the data.
Results: The results showed that only 1 sample had place of residence was hostel, 3 mothers and 5 fathers belongs to no formal education group .23 students had no information regarding health hazards caused by electronic gadgets. There were higher numbers students showed in change of health status after use of electronic gadgets. There was association between few demographic variable and current health status. Also there was association between use of electronic gadgets and current heath status.
Conclusion: Author concluded those adolescents are more vulnerable to effect of electronic gadgets on many aspects of health status. They need health education, guidance and counselling regarding healthy use of electronic gadgets. This should be included in curriculum.

Key words: Television, Mobile phone, Computer, Health status, Secondary school students

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