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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: March | Volume: 9 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 208-214

A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Blood Glucose Monitoring among Diabetic Patients Attending at Tertiary Care Hospital, Karad

Srushti C. Ghadge*, Manisha C. Gholap1, Dr.Vaishali R. Mohite2, Samir K. Choudhari3

1Assistant Professor, 2Professor, 3Clinical Instructor,
*Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Karad, Maharashtra, India.

Corresponding Author: Srushti C. Ghadge


Objectives: (1) To assess diabetic patient’s knowledge attitude and practice regarding blood glucose monitoring. (2) To find association between diabetic patients’s knowledge attitude and practice regarding blood glucose monitoring with selected demographic variables.
Methods: Descriptive approach, non-experimental research design was used for study.100 samples were included by convenient purposive sampling technique. Setting of study was medical and surgical out-patients as well as in-patients department of Krishna hospital, Karad. Structured questionnaire were used which consist of demographic data, knowledge, attitude and practice questionnaire. The collected data were studied and analyzed in terms of objectives of the study using descriptive and inferential statistics.
Result: Among study subjects the level of knowledge were good in 21(21%), average in 70(70%) and poor in 9(9%) of diabetic patients. The levels of attitude were also described accordingly as positive for 66(66%) and negative for 34(34%) of diabetic patients. The level of practice of study were found to be good in 24(24%), average in 48(48%) and poor practice in 28(28%) of diabetic patients.
Conclusion: In this study we found average knowledge, positive attitude and average level of practice towards blood glucose monitoring among diabetic patients.

Key words: Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Diabetes Mellitus and Blood glucose monitoring

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