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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: January | Volume: 9 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 95-103

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Helfer Skin Tap Technique on the Level of Pain during Intramuscular Injection among Adults in a Selected Hospital, Bangalore

Ms. Uma Neupane1, Prof. PrabhaLisThomas2, Dr. Raghbendra Thakur3

1Lecturer, B&B Medical Institute, Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal.
2Professor, Krupanidhi College of Nursing, Bangalore, India.
3 Medical Co-ordinator, Health at Home, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Corresponding Author: Ms. Uma Neupane


Background: Intra muscular injection is common yet a complex technique used to deliver medication deep into the large muscles of the body. Pain at injection site is one of the most commonly-reported local reactions associated with administration of a vaccine/medication. Pain management in invasive procedure is a challenge to the nurse and injections will be an excellent relief for those who are scared of needles. Helfer skin tap technique provides a mechanical stimulation and distraction during intramuscular injection and thus helps to decrease pain as described by gate control theory which keeps the muscles relaxed and thus reduce pain while administering IM injection.

  1. To compare the level of pain during intramuscular injection among adults of the experimental and control group.
  2. To find the association between pain level and selected baseline variables of adults of the experimental and control group.

Materials and Methods: Study design used is quasi-experimental study with Post-test only design with control group. Study setting includes in-patient and outpatient department of St. Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore which is a 400 bedded private multi-specialty hospital. Study sample includes is 80 adults. Sampling technique used is Purposive sampling to select the eligible population and simple random sampling is used to allocate the subjects into experiment and control group. Tool used includes numerical pain rating scale.
Results: The data collected was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study findings high lights that 32.5 % of the adults in the experimental group had mild pain, 67.5% perceived moderate pain during IM injection by using Helfer skin tap technique. 77.5% of the adults in the control group had moderate pain, 17.5% perceived severe pain during IM injection by using standard technique. There is no significant difference in pain score of the adults receiving intramuscular injection in experimental and control group p <0.05. This study explored the effect of Helfer skin technique (rhythmic tapping) over the skin before and during IM injection in relation to pain.
Interpretation And Conclusion: The present study findings supported that there is a significant difference in the pain score in the IM administration with Helfer skin tap technique.

Key words: Helfer skin tap technique, intramuscular injection, adult.

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