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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: September | Volume: 8 | Issue: 9 | Pages: 142-147

Impact of Yoga Therapy on Stress Level among Nursing Students

Sukhdeep Kaur1, Dr. Amandeep Kaur Bajwa2

1M. Sc (N) student, 2Professor, SGRD College of Nursing,Vallah, Amritsar

Corresponding Author: Dr. Amandeep Kaur Bajwa


Nursing students experience a high level of stress and anxiety throughout their education. In fact, nursing students experience more anxiety, especially test anxiety, than students from any of the healthcare discipline. Yoga is more than just exercise. Its benefits can be realized from within the body and from without the body. A consistent yoga practice can have a positive impact on body chemistry, disease prevention, symptom reduction or alleviation, and emotional health. Yoga promotes a strong mind-body connection, which improves overall mood and well-being. A quasi experimental study was to assess the impact of yoga therapy on level of stress among nursing students. 60 students was selected using simple random sampling technique. The demographic characteristics and perceived stress scale was used to collect the data. The data was collected and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Pre-test level of stress among nursing students reveals that 3(5%) had mild stress, 51(85%) had moderate stress and 6(10%) had severe stress with an average mean of 39.02±3.77. Post-test level of stress among nursing students reveals that 3(5%) had minimum stress, 56(93.3) had mild stress and 1(1.7%) had moderate stress with and average mean of 19.88±2.98. Pre-test and post-test mean was statistically tested by using paired t-test, result reveals that t value (t=34.79) and p value (p=0.000) which was highly significant at 0.01 level of significance. The study concludes that yoga therapy was effective in reducing the stress level among nursing students. It is important to emphasize on coping to manage the stress among nursing students contributing to prevention and health promotion in improving the quality of life of students.

Key words: Yoga therapy, Stress, Nursing students

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