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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: August | Volume: 8 | Issue: 8 | Pages: 254-260

Probiotic Characteristics of Anti-Candida Bacillus Tequilensis Isolated From Sheep Milk and Buffalo Colostrums

Rahul Mohanrao Sonavale, Bipinraj Nirichan Kunchiraman

Department of Microbial Biotechnology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed To Be University, Pune, India.

Corresponding Author: Bipinraj Nirichan Kunchiraman


Recently, probiotics are highlighted for their ability to inhibit human pathogens. Candida is a common commensal and opportunistic pathogen of human being.  The present study aims to isolate and characterize probiotic bacteria from various food samples and screen their ability to inhibit pathogenic Candida species. Among the various samples screened culture isolated from sheep milk (SHW) and Buffalo colostrums (COBT) showed anti-candida activity. These cultures also showed probiotic potential such as non-hemolytic on sheep blood agar, production of lactic acid as well as hydrogen peroxide, tolerance to range of pH 4-9, ox bile tolerance up to 2% and tolerance to spermicide. The isolates were identified as Bacillus tequilensis by 16sRNA sequencing and would be an ideal candidate for further probiotic characterization.

Key words: Probiotics Candida species, Bacillus tequilensis.

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