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Year: 2018 | Month: August | Volume: 8 | Issue: 8 | Pages: 98-109

Assessment of Red Blood Cell Indices, White Blood Cells, Platelet Indices and Procalcitonin of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients under Hemodialysis

Mohammad Asaduzzaman1, Asmini Shobnam1, Md. Farukuzzaman1, Abdul Gaffar1, Farha Matin Juliana2, Tanima Sharker3, Khokon Kumar Dutta4, Mohammod Johirul Islam5

1Department of Biochemistry, Primeasia University, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biochemistry, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
3Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh
4Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University, Gopalganj, Bangladesh
5Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Tangail, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author: Mohammad Asaduzzaman


Introduction: This study aimed to detect the effects of renal HD on some blood parameters in CKD patients using RBC indices (T-RBC, Hb, MCV, MCH, HCT/PCV), WBC (T-WBC, Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Lymphocytes, Monocytes) and Platelet indices (Platelet, MPV, PDW).
Methods: The patients were divided into two groups according to their sex. Most of the patients were above 40 years. For male highest number of patients found in the 60-70 years age group and then 50-60, 70-80 years age group. For female highest number of patients found in the 60-70 years age group and then 40-50 years age group. Seventy six chronic renal failure patients under HD attending Dhaka International Hospital, Bangladesh were selected for this study. A specimen of 2.5 ml of blood was collected from each patient in EDTA container. Automated hematological analyzer (Sysmex XT-2000i) was used to measure the parameters. Data were analyzed statistically by using IBM SPSS Statistics, version 18.
Results: Percentile results showed highly decrease in RBC count, Hb content, HCT and lymphocytes count 83.46%, 91.50%, 93.40% and 76.17% of the respondents consecutively, moderately decrease in PCT level and it was 40.20%, lightly decrease in eosinophils 19.93%, platelets 6.28% of the subjects. RDW for 83.90%, neutrophils for 78.61%, PCT for 49.29%, T-WBC for 48.73% respondents found with increased level. Monocytes, platelet, MPV and PDW found standard for 96.34%, 87.18%, 92.52% and 91.10% of the dialysis patients consecutively.
Conclusion: In conclusion CKD patients under HD are at risk of anemia, thrombocytopenia, septicemia, bacteremia and inflammatory tendency.

Key words: HD, RBC Indices, WBC, Platelet Indices, CKD

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