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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: July | Volume: 8 | Issue: 7 | Pages: 321-326

Quality Assessment of Maternal and Child Health Services in Health and Nutrition Day (VHND/UHND) in India- A Literature Review

Dr. Shubhabrata Das, Dr. Munmee Das

Medical Officer, Health & Family Welfare Deptt. Assam

Corresponding Author: Dr. Shubhabrata Das


Background: Maternal and child under nutrition remain one of the highly pervasive and damaging conditions in Low Middle income countries. To improve the situation, Govt. of India initiated ‘health and nutrition day’ as ‘Village Health Nutrition Day’ & ‘Urban Health Nutrition Day’. But there is limited evidence available in respect of health nutrition day both in terms quality of services. A literature review was conducted to understand the overall scenario.
Methods: Electronic databases (PubMed, Google-scholar, MedLine) were searched. Eight articles were retrieved as per inclusion criteria.
Result: No studies reported 100 percent availability/ estimation of hemoglobin test for pregnant women. Children weighing services were also not available /done completely in all sites studied.
Conclusion: notable gaps were documented in maternal child health services in health nutrition day. Considerable efforts are needed to fill up such operational gaps.

Key words: “fixed nutrition health day”, “Mamta-diwas”, “quality assessment” “VHND”, “UHND”.

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