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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: July | Volume: 8 | Issue: 7 | Pages: 224-229

Descriptive Study to Assess the Quality of Life and Coping Strategies among HIV/AIDS Patients

Ravinderpreet Kaur1, C. Naveen Kumar2

1M. Sc. (N) Student, SGRD College of Nursing, Vallah, Amritsar.
2Associate Professor, SGRD College of Nursing, Vallah, Amritsar

Corresponding Author: Ravinderpreet Kaur


HIV is one of the worst pandemic in today’s world that has a devastating physical and psychological effect. Due to early detection and availability of antiretroviral treatment, HIV has become a chronic disease rather than a fatal illness. Consequently, quality of life is an important component in the evaluation of patient’s well-being following HIV infection. A descriptive study design was applied to assess the quality of life and coping strategies among HIV/AIDS patients with a view to develop an informational booklet on coping strategies at ART centre Jalandhar, Punjab. 15O HIV/AIDS patients were selected by using convenient sampling technique. WHOQOL-BREF scale for assessment of quality of life and Moo’s coping responses inventory for assessment of coping strategies. The study result shows that 1(0.66%) had poor quality of life, 28(18.67%) had fair quality of life, 82(54.67) had good quality of life and 39(26%) had very good quality of life with an average mean of 260.89 and SD of 65.71. Coping strategies of HIV/AIDS patients results reveal that 6(4%) had inadequate coping, 79(52.67%) had moderate coping and 65(43.33%) had adequate coping with an average mean of 138.97 and SD of 21.04.The study results reveals that ‘r’ value= 0.275 which indicates weak positive correlation between quality of life and coping strategies of HIV/AIDS patients. HIV/AIDS patients commonly feel depression, fear, anxiety, anger, worry and feelings of isolation which leads isolation and avoidance of proactive behavior that leads to poor coping and quality of life. Information booklet on coping strategies of HIV/AIDS patient which can help them in improving the coping abilities and leading to improvement of quality of life of HIV/AIDS patients.

Key words: HIV/AIDS patients, Quality of life, Coping strategies.

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