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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 242-248

Comparative Analysis of Stress, Anxiety and Depression between the Parents of Children with Autism and ADHD

Dr Partha Malakar1, Sujata Ghosh2

1Assistant Professor, South Calcutta Girls’ College, University of Calcutta
2Special Educator, Roshnai, Kashba, Bosepukur, Kolkata

Corresponding Author: Dr Partha Malakar


Developmental disorders are present from early life and as child grows older, these cause impairments that continue through adult life. The central aim of the study is to compare stress, anxiety and depression between the parents of children with autism and ADHD. To conduct this study the researcher contacted with at least higher secondary, male and female from Bengali families in Kolkata city, having children with autism and ADHD whose age were not more than 10 and their parent’s age ranged from 35 to 45 years and their monthly family income were about 10,000-50,000 per month. The total numbers of respondents were about 100 people (50 males and 50 females) and it was ensured that these respondents did not suffer from chronic physical and mental disturbances as well as for those candidates who were either separated or not staying with each other as well as with their children were not considered for the present study. Data were analyzed with average, Standard Deviation and t-test of Independent sample. Results indicated that there were significant differences in stress, anxiety and depression between the parents of the children with ADHD and autism.

Key words: Autism, ADHD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression.

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