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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 216-222

The Barriers and Challenges of Conducting Nursing Research and Communicating Research Findings into Practice

Dr. Gitumoni Konwar1, Jayshree Kalita2

1Associate Prof. of Community Health Nursing, Regional College of Nursing, Guwahti, Assam.
2M.Sc. (Medical-Surgical Nursing), Nursing Officer, CGHS, Guwahati, Assam.

Corresponding Author: Jayshree Kalita


Background: Nurses were facing various challenges and barriers while conducting a nursing research and communicating research findings into practice. The study aims to explore those barriers and challenges.
Methods: A descriptive study that applied quantitative and qualitative research methods of data collection was adopted for the study. Data were collected through a Likert scale and open ended questionnaire from 116 registered nurses of India. Quantitative portion of the tool were analyzed by using SPSS version 18.0 and Qualitative portion analyzed by using thematic analysis.
Results: Most of the nurses (63.8%) occasionally looks for new literature. 39.7% nurses strongly agree that there is inadequate manpower. There is lake of authority of the nurses in changing patient care procedure (37.9% strongly agree). According to 44.8% nurses, nursing expert often differ in their opinion related to methodology. Thematic analysis of the open ended questionnaire showed that nurses faced problems related to organizational factor, resource related problem, knowledge and competency related problem and communication problem. In organizational factor most of them found ethical constrain as a major barrier; whether resource related factors include all money, material and manpower issues. Different opinion of nursing expert confuses the nurses and they found difficulty in getting related literature.
Conclusion: The study result shows that, nurses faced barriers and challenges of conducting nursing research and communicating research findings into practice. Barriers are mainly related to poor organizational support, resources, different opinion of experts on methodology, communicating findings into journal because of high payment, and lake of literature.

Key words: barriers and challenges, nursing research.

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