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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 171-175

Effectiveness of Oral Sucrose on Level of Pain among Infants during Pentavalent Vaccination, SGRD Hospital, Amritsar, Punjab

Maninderjit Kaur1, Gopal Singh Charan2

1Lecturer, SGRD College of Nursing, SGRDUHS, Amritsar
2Associate Professor, SGRD College of Nursing, SGRDUHS, Amritsar

Corresponding Author: Maninderjit Kaur


Vaccination is a process of protecting an individual from diseases through the introduction of live, killed or attenuated organisms in the individual system. Routine immunization injections are the most common painful procedure for the infants. It is the common source of iatrogenic pain in childhood. Distraction is the most frequently used intervention to guide children’s attention away from the painful stimuli and reduce pain. There are two types of pain management:- Pharmacological and Non Pharmacological treatment. Administering of sucrose during pentavalent vaccination relieve pain among infants. A quasi experimental study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of administration oral sucrose on level of pain among infants during pentavalent vaccination. The study was carried out at immunization room, SGRD Hospital, Vallah, Amritsar, Punjab. 80 infants were recruited by using purposive sampling technique. FLACC Behavoiral Pain Scale was used for data collection. Research tool included information data sheet, level of pain according to FLACC Behavioral Pain Scale and procedure for oral sucrose solution. 1ml (1.5mg) of sucrose solution was administered to infants orally during pentavalent vaccination. Data was analyzed by statistical software SPSS 17.0 version. The study results revealed that experimental group mean score was 4.2250±1.059 and in control group was 6.6750±1.071. Calculated t-value; 9.444which was more than tabulated 1.990 t value. So, null hypothesis was rejected. It was found highly significant with p-value 0.000 < p-value 0.05 at df 78. The study concluded that there is statistically significant difference in the mean score of experimental and control group after administration of oral sucrose to reduce level of pain among infants during pentavalent vaccination.

Key words: Vaccination, Pain, Infants, Pentavalent, Sucrose.

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