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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 146-150

Prevalence of Back Pain and Neck Pain among Dentists in Hisar, India

Jaspreet Kaur1, Manoj Malik1, Sonu Punia1, Yogesh2

1Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physiotherapy, GJUST, Hisar-125001.
2Dept. of Physiotherapy, GJUST, Hisar-125001.

Corresponding Author: Sonu Punia


Introduction: Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) was found very high in dental surgeon at world level. Among these MSDs, neck pain & Low back pain are most common.
Objective: After extensive search on prevalence of MSDs pain among dentists in different countries, we planned a study to examine prevalence, aggravating & relieving factors, preventing treatment intervention among dentists of an urban local community, Hisar from Haryana in India.
Methodology: The present study was cross sectional survey study conducted at Department of Physiotherapy, GJUS&T, Hisar. 110 Dentists from an urban community (Hisar city from India) were randomly recruited. Outcome measure for study was pain intensity which was measured by Visual analogue scale (VAS). Cross-tabulation and Chi square test was used to assess the relationship between two variables at 95% confidence intervals.
Results: 110 dentists out of 130 filled complete questionnaire and returned to researcher (response rate of 84%). Out of total participants, 52.7% were male, 47.3% female. Mean age of all participants were 33.47±6.43. 57.3% of participants had pain but when we categorized it into different variables, prevalence of neck pain was 30%, upper back pain was 13.6%, and lower back pain was 30%.
Conclusion: Our results revealed a higher prevalence of neck & back pain among dentist, indicating the role of work-related risk factors in these disorders and study also found some significant relationships between age and pain intensity, practice hours and pain intensity.

Key words: Musculoskeletal disorders; Dentist; Pain intensity.

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