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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 7-13

Consumption Pattern and Knowledge about Ill Effects of Junk Food amongst School Children in Urban Area of Jorhat

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sahu1, Prof (Dr) Bishnu Ram Das2

1Post Graduate Trainee, Dept of Community Medicine, Jorhat Medical College, Jorhat, Assam
2MD (Community Medicine), Prof & Head, Dept of Community Medicine, Jorhat Medical college, Jorhat, Assam

Corresponding Author: Prof (Dr) Bishnu Ram Das


Introduction: Increased inclination to replace traditional meals with energy-dense imbalanced junk foods is responsible for the inception of many diseases especially Non Communicable Diseases among school going adolescents.
Objective: To study the consumption pattern and knowledge about ill effects of junk food in school children of Jorhat urban.
Materials and methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was undertaken in schools of urban area of Jorhat district of Assam over a period of one year from June 2016 to May 2017.
Results: Among the study participants who consumed junk food frequently (≥5 days), consumption ranges between 5.6% to 24.1% while those who had the practice of taking junk food infrequently (1-4 days), we found that their habit ranges from 49.4% to 70.8% in different junk food products. Expenditure pattern of pocket money revealed that 33.3% (majority) of the adolescents spend their pocket money to pay vehicle rent, 16% use it to buy chips, 13.5% spend their pocket money to buy ice cream while 6.9% of the adolescents spend it on chocolate. Knowledge on ill effects of junk food revealed that 51.5% (majority) pointed out stomach problem and 16.8 % mentioned obesity as ill effect of junk food consumption while 22.4% of the participants do not know the ill effect of junk food consumption.
Conclusion: Consumption of junk food amongst urban school going adolescents in Jorhat district of Assam is highly prevalent. General awareness about the ill effects of junk food amongst the adolescents was average which warrant appropriate public health interventions.

Key words: Junk food, adolescent, Jorhat district, ill effects

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