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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 116-123

Correlation between Pain, Functional Disability and Quality of Life with Sleep Disturbance in Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis

Ruchita Ravindra Bhagade1, Sreeraj SR2

1Intern, 2Professor,
MGM College of Physiotherapy, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

Corresponding Author: Ruchita Ravindra Bhagade


Study Objective: To find out the correlation between pain, functional disability and low Quality of life with sleep disturbance in patients with adhesive capsulitis.
Method and Measurements: Sixty patients with adhesive capsulitis were included in this study according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Pain and functional disability was assessed by using SPADI (Shoulder Pain and Disability Index), Sleep disturbance was assessed by using PSQI (Pittsburgh sleep quality index) and Quality of Life (QoL) was assessed by using SF-36 (Short Form Health Survey -36). Spearman’s correlation test was done for correlation analysis.
Results: Spearman’s correlation shows positive moderate correlation between sleep disturbance and pain (r = .516; p =0.00), sleep disturbance and functional disability(r = .647; p =0.00). Weak negative correlation of Sleep disturbance with physical health (r = -.261; p = .044), role limitation due to physical problems (r = -.329; p=.010), energy and fatigue (r = -.281; p =.030), social functioning (r = -.262; p =.043) and bodily pain (r = -.314; p =.015) respectively. There is Moderate negative correlation between sleep disturbance and General health (r = -.469; p =.000) which is statistically significant.
Conclusion: There is associated sleep disturbance which exists in adhesive capsulitis patients in absence of emotional problems. This associated sleep disturbance is moderately related to Pain, Functional Disability, and General Health and weakly related to role limitation due to physical problems, physical problems, energy and fatigue, bodily pain and social functioning. Hence a proper assessment of sleep quality could be added and accordingly the treatment could include sleep quality improvement measures in adhesive capsulitis patients.

Key words: Correlation, pain, functional disability, quality of life, sleep disturbance, adhesive capsulitis.

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