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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 104-115

Efficacy of Strength and Balance Training Exercise for Fall Prevention in Elderly

Dr. Rajendra Kachhwaha

PhD Scholar/Principal, Narayna Hrudayalya College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore.


OBJECTIVES: To find out the efficacy of strength and Balance training exercise for fall prevention in elderly BACKGROUND: Fear of falling and avoidance of activity are common in old age and are suggested to be (public) health problems of equal importance to falls. Falling represents a significant threat to independence and quality of life (in terms of function, morbidity/mortality for example). Falling is amongst the common causes of injury affecting older people in both residential care and home settings. This study aims at reducing this factor by finding out the efficacy of strength and balance training exercises for fall prevention in elderly
DESIGN: Pre and post test experimental design.
SETTING: Geriatric home and residential societies in and around Bangalore and Jodhpur.
METHODS: This study included 100 subjects with fear of falling, between the age group of 65-80yrs, they were divided into two groups, experimental (strength training and balance exercise) group & control (active ROM exercises training) groups randomly. Experimental group was treated with strength training exercise along with balance training exercises and control group were treated with active ROM exercises training exercises.
Each subject in the experimental group was treated for a period of 6 months with one session of treatment per day for 3 days per week
Fall efficacy scale
Manual muscles testing (lower limb)
RESULTS: Paired t-test was used for statistical analysis and results showed significant improvement in function and reduction in fear of falling and improvement in lower limb strength in the experimental group P<0.001 when compared with control group.
CONCLUSION: This study shows that there is a significant reduction in fear of falling in elderly when strength and balance training exercise was given.

Key words: Strength training, fall related gait kinematics, Fall efficacy Scale.

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