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Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 8 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 1-6

The Role of Epidermal Growth Factor Cream in Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcer- Comparative Analytical Study in South India

Thambi Durai David1, JA Jayalal2, Selwyn J Kumar3

1Asst Professor Department of Pediatric surgery KGMCH/Dr. MGR. Medical University India
2Professor Department of Surgery KGMCH/Dr. MGR. Medical University India
3Asst Professor Department of Surgery KGMCH/Dr. MGR. Medical University India

Corresponding Author: JA Jayalal


In spite of growing advances in medical technology and understanding of ulcer healing, no ideal method for treating the much dreaded Diabetic foot ulcer are defined. Numerous wound care methods, innovative natural healing processes, induced enhanced healing using innate and synthetic materials and simultaneous correction of comorbidity are postulated. This study is intended to evaluate one of the high technology modern advancements in wound care the use of epidermal growth factor for expected wound healing and to evaluate its role with a control group.
This prospective analytical case control comparative study is carried out in the Department of General Surgery Kanyakumari Government Medical College for the period of one year from 2017 January to 2017 December. The patients with diabetic foot coming for treatment are grouped into two groups under randomized control trial method with 25 patients in each group. The control group is treated with conventional methods and the experimental group with standardized Recombinant epidermal growth factor. (Regen-D 150) applications.
The data collected were tabulated and using SPSS software version 23.00 statistical analysis done. In our study we could observe statistically significant improvement in wound healing in the group receiving Recombinant epidermal growth factor cream. The pain score and the reduction in the size of ulcers are significant. The literature reviews also confirm this finding. Hence we conclude and propose it is worth using the Recombinant epidermal growth factor cream in diabetic foot ulcer to obtain early and complete wound healing.

Key words: Diabetic foot ulcer, Epidermal growth factor, wound healing, granulation tissue

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