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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: May | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 45-50

ABO & Rh Blood Groups’ Distribution among Blood Donors from Southern Nepal and Its Relation with Hepatitis B Viral Infection

Debnarayan Jana1, Nandita Jana2, Amit Kumar Patel3, Nirdhan Yadav4

1Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, NMCTH, Birgunj, Nepal.
2MSc Physiology, Department of Human Physiology, Vidyasagar University, India
3Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Blood Bank Incharge, NMCTH, Birgunj, Nepal.
4Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, NMCTH, Birgunj, Nepal.

Corresponding Author: Debnarayan Jana


Background: Now a days Hepatitis B viral infection is one of the most chronic viral infection which spread mainly through Blood and other tissue fluids. Before blood transfusion we need to screen the blood very carefully. So determination of prevalence of HBV among different blood group is helpful to transfuse safe blood. The purposes of our present study was to find out the distribution of Hepatitis B virus among ABO and Rh group and to develop a statistical association between Blood group and HBV infection.
Materials and Methods: Data were used for this study, collected from Blood Bank of the National medical College, Birgunj, Nepal, during the session of 2014 to September 2017. The method of study was descriptive and comparative in retrospective aspect. All samples were tasted to determine the blood group and then screened by routine laboratory analysis. All the HBsAg positive samples were retested by using ELISA for conformation. Finally all data were analyzed statistically by Chi-square test.
Results: Among 5653 blood donors, 35.9% were Group B, 31.1% were group O, 23.67% group A and remaining 9.64% were group AB. We have found overall 29HBsAg positive individual. With highest percentage in group O (0.57%) followed by group AB (0.55%), group A (0.53%) and group B(0.44%). In Rh system 0.51% Rh antigen having individual infected by HBV but only 0.28% Rh negative donors were infected by HBV.
Conclusions: Blood Group O and Rh positive donor were mostly infected by HBV though we did not found any close statistical association between ABO group and Rh group with HBV infection.

Key words: ABO-group, Rh-System, HBV infection, HBsAg, transfusion, Southern Nepal.

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