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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: May | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 370-376

Status of Lung Function during Menstruation Cycle: A Literature Review

Kirti Mishra1, Zaheed Akhtar1, Himanshu Mathur2, Surya Patel3

1MPT (cardiopolmonary) Assisstant Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, RPIIT Technical and Medical Campus Karnal, Haryana, India.
2MPT (musculoskeletal) Assistant Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Jaipur National University Jaipur, Rajasthan India.
3MPT (sports) Sports Physiotherapist, Own Clinic, Delhi India.

Corresponding Author: Kirti Mishra


Introduction: menstruation cycle affects not only female’s body even psychology too. Physiological and psychological changes occur during periods. Every female experiences this. Good vital capacity is a sign of healthy lungs. Healthy lungs reflect the quality of life. Question is during menstrual cycle there is any changes in status of lung function? Many researchers have been done on this. Some suggest changes occur while some deny with this. There is no consensus regarding exactly on status of lung function during menstruation cycle.
Objective: to review the available data on the possible effect of menstruation cycle on lung function.
This article reviews panel studies of status of lung function during menstruation cycle and proposes future research directions.
Design: Review of Literature
Data synthesis- recent researches, Meta analysis and clinical oriented literatures were taken in the study.
Methodology: various articles from database like Pub Med, Cochrane and science direct were retrieved through a search by using keywords- FVC, FEV1, PEFR, menstrual cycle, pulmonary function etc. A total of 23 relevant articles were obtained.
Conclusion: literature review of present study concludes that there is influence of menstrual cycle on pulmonary functions.

Key words: FVC, FEV1, PEFR, pulmonary function, menstrual cycle.

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