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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: May | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 204-208

A Study on Vaccine Related Knowledge among Antenatal Women in Selected Setting to Prepare an Informational Pamphlet’

Mrs. Reshma D’Souza1, Ms. Rosemary John1, Ms. Shalini Supritha Maben1, Mrs. Wilma S. Noronha2,
Mrs. Priya J. Fernandes2

1Students Second Year PBBsc Nursing Father Muller College of Nursing
2Assistant Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing, Father Muller College of Nursing

Corresponding Author: Mrs. Wilma S. Noronha


Vaccines are most powerful, safe and cost effective measures for prevention and control of communicable diseases. A child who is not immunized is automatically more susceptible to dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. Fighting these diseases can take a great deal of time, mandatory isolation, money and pain. [1] Thus vaccines were developed to prevent communicable diseases. The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge on vaccines among antenatal women and to find association between knowledge on vaccines among antenatal women and selected socio demographic variables. A descriptive survey design was used to identify the knowledge on vaccine among the antenatal women. The study was conducted with the sample size of 100 antenatal women .The sample were selected using a convenient sampling technique according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The data was collected by using structured knowledge questionnaire. The study findings revealed 58% of the antenatal women had average knowledge, 35% good knowledge and 7% very good knowledge regarding vaccines. There is significant association of knowledge with baseline variable gravida (p=0.041) and there is no association between other selected baseline variable. The study concluded that the 58% antenatal woman had average knowledge regarding vaccines hence investigators prepared an informational pamphlet on vaccine and given all the antenatal mothers.

Key words: Knowledge; Vaccines; Antenatal women.

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