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Year: 2018 | Month: May | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 117-121

Prevalence of Ocular Morbidity among School Children of Less Than or Equal to 15 Years- Study from North India

Angli Manhas1, Rameshwar S Manhas2, Gaurav S Manhas3, Dinesh Gupta4

1Senior Resident, Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College Jammu, J&K, India.
2Senior Resident, Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Jammu, J&K, India.
3Resident Scholar, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Government Medical College, Jammu, J&K, India.
4Professor & Head, Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Jammu, J&K, India.

Corresponding Author: Angli Manhas


Objective: Diseases of eye in childhood affects learning ability, adjustment in school and personality. The primary cause for visual impairment and blindness in India are uncorrected refractive errors. In order to prevent future blindness early detection and treatment of these problems are necessary. The present study was done to see the prevalence of ocular morbidity among school children, to take necessary preventive measures & early management of preventable blinding disorders.
Methodology: The present cross-sectional study was conducted on all the children of randomly-selected six government schools of Katra. After meeting inclusion & exclusion criteria all the children underwent complete eye examination including color vision, refraction, Schiotz tonometry, direct funduscopy.
Results: Out of 258 students, prevalence of ocular morbidity was 22.87%, the most common causes of ocular morbidity was refractive error in 12.79% followed by blepharitis in 3.10% children.
Conclusion: Refractive error is the main cause of visual impairment in school children which is preventable by use of spectacles. Thus, there is need to launch a periodic school eye screening to prevent permanent visual disability of the school children.

Key words: Ocular morbidity, Prevalence, Refractive errors, School children

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