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Case Report

Year: 2018 | Month: April | Volume: 8 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 218-221

Primary Malignant Melanoma of Cervix - A Rare Case

Dr. Anil Humane1, Dr. Purnima Bhandari2, Dr. Bhavika Bhoyar3

1Associate Professor, 2Senior Resident, 3Lecturer,
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, Government Medical College and Hospital Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Purnima Bhandari


Primary malignant melanoma of uterine cervix is a rare and aggressive neoplasm. Cervical malignant melanoma has been reported in the age range of 19 to 83 years. But, it occurs more commonly between 60 to 70years of age. It presents with abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge and appears as exophytic, polypoidal, pigmented or colourless cervical mass.
Primary cervical malignant melanoma must be differentiated from secondary metastasis of melanoma from other sites in the body to cervix. In general, prognosis of primary cervical malignant melanoma is very poor. At present, there is no standard treatment for primary malignant melanoma of cervix, because of its rarity. Here, we are reporting a case of 28 year old woman who presented with white discharge per vagina. On examination, there was black coloured polypoidal mass arising from the anterior lip of cervix. Following histopathological examination and other investigations, a diagnosis of primary malignant melanoma of uterine cervix was made. We are reporting this case because of its rarity.

Key words: cervix, primary malignant melanoma.

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