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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: April | Volume: 8 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 159-165

Pressure Application to Prevent Bruising in Subcutaneous Heparin Injection

Nuran ÇİT1, Leman ŞENTURAN2

1İstinye State Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey;
İstinye Caddesi No:98 34465 İstinye - Sarıyer – İstanbul
2Assoc. Prof, Biruni University, Health Science Faculty, Nursing Department, Istanbul, Turkey
10. Yıl Caddesi Protokol Yolu No: 4534010 Topkapı / İstanbul

Corresponding Author: Nuran ÇİT


Objective: Bruising that result from heparin injections increases patients’ anxiety and reduces their confidence in nurses’ efficiency, resulting in refusal to further injections This undesired effect can be diminished using the proper technique and taking a few simple measures. This study aimed to examine the effect of applying pressure for a minute on bruising in subcutaneous heparin injection.
Methods: The study, experimental study with a control group, was conducted at an orthopedic clinic. The sample consisted of 49 patients who agreed to participate in this study and to whom heparin was injected subcutaneously. Experimental and control practices were performed on the abdominal area of the same patient using the same amount of heparin. The study data were collected using an information form, subcutaneous heparin observation form, and Opsite Flexigrid assessment tool. The data analysis was performed using percentage distribution, chi-square test, and Fisher’s exact test.
Results: This study found that bruising occurred significantly (p < 0,05) less in the area on which pressure was applied for a minute using dry cotton compared with the area where pressure was applied for a short time.
Conclusions: Applying pressure on the injection area for a minute following a subcutaneous heparin injection reduced the development rate of bruising. Thus, the study concluded that this method was effective in preventing the formation of bruising in subcutaneous heparin injection practices.

Key words: pressure, bruising, subcutaneous heparin injection, nursing

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