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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: April | Volume: 8 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 123-130

Prevalence and Factors Associated With Worm Infestation among Lower Secondary School Children

Pooja Gauro

Teaching Assistant, Birgunj Nursing Campus, Birgunj, Nepal


Background and Objective: Worm infestation is one of the major health problems confronting millions of school age children. The overall objective of the study was to identify the prevalence and factors associated with worm infestation among lower secondary school children.
Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study was used. A pretested semi structured questionnaire was used to collect data on socio-demographic characteristics and the information on those factors that could be associated with worm infestation. Laboratory method was used to test stool specimens. Chi-square test was used to measure those factors that could be associated with worm infestation.
Results: Prevalence of worm infestation was found to be 26.3% (40/152). The highest prevalence was seen with Ascaris Lumbricoides 90% followed by Giardia lamblia 2.5%, Taenia Species 2.5% and Ascaris Lumbricoides & Giardia Lamblia together 5%. Factors associated with worm infestation are gender (p=0.045), parent’s occupation as agriculture (p<0.001), family size more than 5 persons (p<0.001), eating junk food (p<0.001), drinking impure water (p<0.001), bathing irregular (p<0.001), hand washing with only water (p<0.001), nail biting (p<0.001), helping in gardening/agriculture (p<0.001).
Conclusion: Worm infestation is still prevalent among lower secondary school children and remains as a common health problem. It can be concluded that the major factors associated with worm infestation are: parent’s occupation as agriculture, size of family 5 persons or more, eating junk food, drinking impure water, bathing irregularly, and hand washing with only water, nail biting and helping in gardening.

Key words: Factors Associated, Lower Secondary School Children, Worm Infestation

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