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Year: 2018 | Month: April | Volume: 8 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 1-2

Problem of Medical Students and Academicians- A Proposed Solution for Current and Future Medical Education

Rajajeyakumar M

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, (SRM Group), Irungalur, Trichy-621105, Tamil Nadu, India. (Affiliated by Dr.MGR medical University, Tamilnadu- 621105, India)


Medical education is one of the most stressful academic curricula worldwide, negatively affecting the physical and mental health of medical students. Examination fear, high parental expectations, peer pressure, lack of leisure time, financial problems, relationship disharmony, and aspirations for higher studies are some of the many factors known to contribute to the development of stress among undergraduate medical students. Early identification and necessary interventions targeting the alleviation of modifiable stressors might result in a less stressful academic life for students, which in turn could enhance their academic performance and skill development as medical graduates. Teachers should be familiar with their student’s problems as a facilitator and help them to guide rather than control the students (Student-center Approach) rather than other methods.

Key words: Medical education, stressful academic curricula, student-center approach.

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