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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: March | Volume: 8 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 251-258

Immigrant Health Care Research and Knowledge Translation in Canada -A Scoping Review

Ning TangDrPH
E-mail: nt920000@yahoo.com and tang0139@flinders.edu.au

Department of Public Health, Flinders University, Australia


Background: Canada receives 250000 new immigrants and refugees annually. One of five Canadians is immigrant. Immigrant health care research and knowledge translation are directly related to immigrant health and population health in Canada.
Objectives: The study aims at identifying and mapping knowledge translation of immigrant health care research in Canada.
Method:An exploratory scoping review was conducted to achieve the study objectives. The findings were synthesized with a narrative approach.
Findings: The very limited immigrant health care research discoveries in very limited fields were generated incompletely to knowledge translation (5% and 3% respectively for knowledge translation rate and research-based integrated knowledge translation rate). Much less progress has been made in making available immigrant health care research evidence to inform the needs of health policymakers and stakeholders in Canada.
Conclusion: Canadian immigrant health researchers, policy makers, stakeholders and knowledge-brokers should generate co-jointly immigrant health care research and effective and integrated knowledge translation. The funding agencies should provide much more support on the research and knowledge translation for the optimal improvement of immigrant health and population health in Canada.

Key words: immigrant health care research, knowledge translation, Canada.

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