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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: March | Volume: 8 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 19-25

Wound Healing with Collagen Sheet in Chronic Ulcers

Datta Prasad. M1, B. Ananda Rama Rao2

1Resident in Surgery, SVS Medical College, Maghabubnagar TS 509002
2Professor of Surgery, SVS Medical College, Maghabubnagar TS 509002

Corresponding Author: B. Ananda Rama Rao


Collagen Sponge sheet has unique properties like enhanced wound healing through neovascularization, anti adhesive effects, bacteriostatic, without inducing immunological reactions. There are no studies to quantify neovascularization with any agent applied to chronic non healing ulcers. This study is done to evaluate effects of healing in chronic ulcers as evidenced by quantum of neovascularization by collagen sheet application for a period of eight weeks in 15 patients with collagen sheet. Collagen sheet is commercially available. Patients are evaluated at first, second, fourth, sixth and eighth week. In the first two weeks there is faster rate of neovascularization as seen by counting the number of capillaries in an average of five high power fields (p-value <0.0001), later on there is congestion of vessels with formation of granulation tissue which peaks at fourth week (p- <0.0001), leading to reduction in ulcer size. There is significant reduction in ulcer size (p- 0.000) with collagen sheet. The cost effectiveness, readily availability, ease of application makes collagen sheet a better choice for treating chronic ulcers.

Key words: Collagen Sheet, Chronic Non Healing Ulcer, Neovascularization, Wound Healing, Biological Dressings, Ulcer Biopsy

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