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Year: 2018 | Month: March | Volume: 8 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 167-172

Effectiveness of Health Education Package on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Care of Low Birth Weight Babies (LBW) Among Post Natal Mothers

Mrs. Kavita Bhoknal

Clinical Instructor, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (DU) College of Nursing, Loni (Bk), Tal. Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra


Background: It was estimated that around 25 millions of low weight babies are born annually and they are exposed to number of problems like hypoglycemia, infection, hypothermia and respiratory problems etc. It is essential that the babies are taken care specially with utmost precaution. They need special nursing care. The present study was undertaken with an aim to determine the effectiveness of health education package on care of LBW baby among post natal mothers.
Material and methods: A quasi experimental study, pre and post test design without control group approach was undertaken among post natal mothers of Pravara Rural Hospital, Loni (Bk). A total of 50 post natal mothers were selected by simple random sampling technique, and self prepared and content validated structured questionnaire (for knowledge) and checklist (for practice) was used for data collection. The descriptive statistics (mean, SD and inferential statistics (chi square test) were applied wherever required.
Results: In pre test, the overall knowledge score was (21.2±4.52) which is 66% (average) whereas after implementation of health education package (post test) the score has improved i.e. (29.4±1.51) which is 91.81% (good) and found statistically significant (t =6.28) at p<0.05 level. Similarly the post test practice score had improved from ‘partially adaptive’ practice (15.78±3.34) to ‘completely adaptive’ practice (23.32±1.93) and found significant (t=6.28) at p<0.05 level. It was noted that practice on care of LBW babies had significant association with demographic variables like educational qualification (x2=5.99), type of family (x2=4.56) and parity of mother (x2=8.06) at p<0.05 level.
Conclusion: The study outcome revealed that the health education package was found effective in improving the knowledge and practice on care of low birth weight baby of post natal mothers. It should be emphasized to have a health education packages on care of LBW babies in daily practice to enhance awareness and increase the competency of postnatal mothers.

Key words: Effectiveness, Health education package, Knowledge, Practice, Low birth weight babies

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