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Case Report

Year: 2018 | Month: February | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 297-301

McCune–Albright Syndrome with Multiple Oral Manifestations - A Case Report

Dr. Archana Mehra1, Dr Freny Karjodkar2, Dr. Kaustubh Sansare3, Dr. Mohd Saalim1, Dr. Ruchika Kapoor1

1Resident, 2Professor, 3Associate Professor,Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai, India.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Archana Mehra


McCune Albright syndrome is a rare disorder which constitutes three typical features: fibrous dysplasia, café-au-lait spots and endocrinal disorders. We report here a case of McCune Albright syndrome with all the three features and multiple oral manifestations.A 13 years old male patient presented with facial disfigurement since childhood. His physical examination revealed café-au-lait spots on right side of face and laboratory findings revealed endocrinopathies. No previously published case reports described multiple intra oral findings, this case report presented with expansion of maxillary and mandibular arch, macroglossia, enlargement of tongue papillae, painless soft tissue swellings on right buccal mucosa.

Key words: McCune-Albright Syndrome, Fibrous Dysplasia, Café-au-lait spots, Oral manifestations, endocrinopathies, Fibro-osseous lesion.

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