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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: February | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 164-170

A Study to Assess the Patient Clinical Outcome Using Sofa Score among Patients Admitted to ICU of Tertiary Hospital of South India

Rachana Mishra1, Jyothi Chakrabarty2, Leena Sequira2

1Lecturer, Lalitpur Nursing Campus, Sanepa, Nepal
2Professor, Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal, Karnataka

Corresponding Author: Rachana Mishra


Due to very less number of intensive care units in the health sector, there is global burden on ICUs. The SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) scoring system is validated in present set up to make clinically, ethically and economically sound decision in critical care area. A descriptive survey study was conducted in ICUs of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal to assess the patient clinical outcome using SOFA score. The non-probability purposive sampling technique was used among 250 ICU. The study found that majority 177 (70.8%) of patients were male with the mean age of 53.14 years. The total of 105 (42%) patients died at the end of ICU stay; the average length of ICU stay was 7.48 days, and ventilators were used among 75.2 % of patients. SOFA score ranges from 0.5-17.5 (mean score=6.438). The result also referred that there was significant difference in the SOFA score among died and survived (t-value =8.747, p-value < 0.001). The value of SOFA score also differs among the patient using ventilator and not using ventilator (t-value=3.07, p-value <0.001). The calculation of area under the curve (AUROC) for SOFA score was 0.785 (p value <0.001) which concluded that SOFA scores actually does discriminate between died and survivor in ICU. SOFA score has 72.4% sensitivity and 69.7% specificity for the cut off score of 6 for predicting mortality. The fitness of the score was established by Hosmer Lemeshaw Chi Square test, SOFA with χ²= 10.74, p value = 0.15. Hence SOFA is having good calibration and fit for use.

Key words: Clinical outcome, ICU patient, SOFA score

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