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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: February | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 138-148

Effect of Antenatal Lactation Counselling on Knowledge and Breastfeeding Practices among Mothers

Sindhu Thomas1, Dr. Naiman Mohanty2, Dr Prabha K Dasila3

1PhD Scholar, MGM Institute of Health Sciences, 3Prof & Director, MGM Institute’s University, Department of Nursing, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai
2M.D.Peds, M.S, MGM Hospital, Kalamboli, MGMIHS, Navi Mumbai

Corresponding Author: Sindhu Thomas


Antenatal lactation counselling is the process of counselling women during pregnancy regarding the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and its immediate initiation. Information on breastfeeding received during pregnancy period influence the initial breastfeeding preparations, resulting in prolonged breastfeeding outcome along with persistent postnatal counselling. In India, the support and guidance received by mothers to promote breastfeeding is not steady and the duration of breastfeeding counselling should be prolonged.
Objectives: To assess knowledge regarding breast feeding among antenatal mothers before and after counselling
To assess reported practices regarding breast feeding among antenatal mothers before and after counselling
To compare the breast feeding practices among mothers in interventional and control group after delivery
Materials and Methods: Quasi interventional design is used with convenient sampling where samples are selected from a maternity hospital. A structured interview schedule is used to assess the knowledge and reported practices of 100 mothers. A series of counselling is given in third trimester as well as on the day of delivery till the day of discharge for the interventional group.
Results: The mean post test knowledge score of mothers in interventional group were 23.32 as compared to score of mothers in control group i.e. 13.58 at p=0.00 level. The mean post test reported practices score of mothers in interventional and control group were 12.92 and 9.24 respectively. The mean of breast feeding practices of both groups were found to be 19.34 and 10.32 respectively.
Conclusion: Therefore consistent counselling plays an important role in enhancing the knowledge and practices of breastfeeding right from antenatal period.

Key words: Effect, Antenatal Lactation Counselling, Breastfeeding, Knowledge, Practices, Mothers

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