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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: February | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 89-100

Comparative Study between At-Home & In-Office Bleaching on Color Stability and Teeth Sensitivity in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia

Rehab E Radi1, Safinaz Abdelwahab2, Dr. Nada Abdelaleem3

1Dental Intern, 2Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry, 3Assistant professor of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Umm Al-Qura University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Corresponding Author: Rehab E Radi


Background: Teeth whitening, known as dental bleaching, has increased in recent years. Several restorative modalities for better esthetics are applied; bleaching is considered one of the most conservative and easy-to-perform treatment modality. For cases with severe discoloration and rapid results are requested; in-office bleaching is the appropriate treatment modality. An alternative easy way for in-office bleaching is at-home bleaching. Relapse of the teeth color and increased teeth hypersensitivity are the most prominent problems that can associate vital teeth bleaching whether in-office or at home.
Objective: This research was conducted to compare between in-office and at home vital teeth bleaching in both postoperative color stability and postoperative teeth hypersensitivity.
Materials and Methods: A randomized control clinical trial study of randomly chosen 24 patients, they were divided into two groups 12 subjects were undergo in-office bleaching and the other 12 were undergoing at-home bleaching. Shade of the upper anterior teeth and sensitivity were evaluated for all patient pre and after treatment using Easy shade.
Conclusion: According to the results observed during the evaluated time, it was concluded that both of in-office power bleaching and at home bleaching are effective equally in producing color change of the teeth that can last with little change for at least one month. Meanwhile to avoid the aggressiveness of teeth sensitivity after bleaching, in home bleaching is preferred to be applied than power bleaching.

Key words: Tooth bleaching, color, hypersensitivity, easy shade, color stability, hydrogen peroxide.

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