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Case Report

Year: 2018 | Month: January | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 283-287/p>

Cutaneous Anaplastic Meningioma: A Rare Case

Dr Rajesh Y Shenoy1, Dr C S Supreeth2, Dr Darshan Rajput3, Dr Kumar Vinchurkar4

1Professor & Consultant Neurosurgeon, JNMC College Belgaum.
2Neurosurgery Resident, JNMC College Belgaum.
3Professor & Consultant Plastic Surgeon, JNMC College Belgaum.
4Professor & Consultant Oncosurgeon, JNMC College Belgaum.

Corresponding Author: Dr C S Supreeth


Meningiomas are common benign intracranial tumors, but may show a histological progression to malignancy. They rarely present as extracranial soft tissue mass. Compared to benign, anaplastic meningiomas have a significantly higher recurrence rate after both surgical and radiotherapy managements. We present a patient with intracranial anaplastic meningioma that presented as a mass on the scalp. He also gives history of operation for meningioma 4 years back. Near total excision was done and part of it was left which was involving superior sagittal sinus. On examination patient also had enlarged bilateral neck lymph nodes. Patient underwent CT and MRI brain plain with contrast, showed a large heterogeneously enhancing extra axial mass lesion p suggestive of high grade cellular lesion. Complete excision of the growth with left side modified radical neck dissection and the defect was covered with anterolateral thigh free flap, along with onco and plastic surgery team. postoperatively patient was conscious, oriented and ambulatory with no neurological deficits. postoperative MRI brain with contrast showed no evidence of mass.

Key words: Cutaneous anaplastic meningioma, Meningioma.

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