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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: January | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 259-272

Bispecific Antibodies: Progress and Application

Ayesha Habeeb, SumaiyaAl Hajree

Pharm-D, Deccan School of Pharmacy, Hyderabad, India

Corresponding Author: SumaiyaAl Hajree


Bispecific antibodies also termed as “dual targeting” or “dual specificity” antibodies are one of the fastest growing classes of investigational drugs with around 100 different formats in the development. However, only two of these, Blinatumomab and Catumaxomab are approved till date. Most of the bispecific antibodies are being investigated for oncological indication with around 20 being investigated for non-oncological indications. BsAbs show therapeutic effect by various mechanisms of action such as blocking two different antigens or mediators that play an important role in disease pathogenesis, inducing cell signalling pathways such as in proliferation or inflammation, retargeting to mediate Antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, by delivering toxicities or by engaging T-cells. And some of the bispecific antibodies are designed in a way so as to improve the pharmacokinetic properties (PK-modulating BsAbs). In this review, we focus on the mechanism of action of bispecific antibodies that are approved or are in clinical trials and discuss the progress and latest advances in the development of these drugs.

Key words: Bispecific antibodies, BsAbs.

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