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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: January | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 15-19

Awareness about Blood Donation among Engineering Students

Ronald J Bosco1, Rock B2, Neethu George2, Santoshkumar D3, Naveen Vivek S3, Parthsarathy3, Tamil Selvan3, Sasi Kumar T3, Anton Sahai3, Anbumani E3, Arun Mohan AD3

1Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, 2Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, 3Medical Interns, Department of Community Medicine,
Department of Community Medicine, Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Trichy – 621105, Chennai, India.

Corresponding Author: Ronald J Bosco


Background - Understanding the knowledge, attitude and practices about blood donation among engineering students is essential since they are expected to set a message, regarding the need for voluntary blood donation to the general population.
Objectives - To assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding blood donation among engineering students.
Methodology - A cross sectional descriptive study was done among 500 students studying in a Engineering college during the month of August 2016. A pre tested and semi structured questionnaire was used. Chi square test and Fisher’s exact test were used for analysis.
Results - The results revealed that students were well aware of the minimum age limit for blood donation (82 percent), minimum weight of blood donation (69.6 percent) & recommended type of blood donation (84 percent). However, the maximum age limit (26 percent) & minimum haemoglobin (26.6 percent) were areas of poor knowledge among the students. Only 20.8 percent of the students had ever donated blood. The reasons attributed by those who had not donated blood were fear (79.6 percent). Reasons for donation and minimum age response were found to be statistically significant among males and females
Conclusion - They have to be motivated in the right path to promote blood donation practices since they are a potential source of voluntary donors.

Key words: Blood donation, awareness, Blood donor.

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