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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: January | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 134-137

Effectiveness of Plantar Fascia Mobilization and Passive Stretching on Hamstring Muscle Flexibility

Kshamas Shetty1, Melini Roman D’souza2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Musculoskeletal and Sports, Alvas College of Physiotherapy, Moodbidri.
2Intern, Alvas College of Physiotherapy, Moodbidri, Karnataka.

Corresponding Author: Kshamas Shetty


Background- Due to various occupational set up people are adapting several bad postures for a long time leading to development of tightness or less flexibility of hamstring muscle. Development of efficient techniques is necessary to relieve hamstring tightness and maintain its flexibility.
Purpose- To examine the effects of using roller massager on plantar fascia to increase hamstring flexibility.
Methodology- A sample of 24young female adults were recruited by simple random sampling and were divided into control and experimental groups. The control group was treated with passive stretching of hamstring muscle and the experimental group with passive stretching and golf ball rolling, 3 sets of 30 seconds for 3 days .Their hamstring flexibility was tested using active knee extension test before and after the intervention respectively.
Results- The experimental group has shown to have more significant increase in the hamstrings flexibility than the control group (p<0.001).
Conclusion- Use of plantar fascia mobilization in form of roller massager like golf ball can be used to enhance the hamstrings flexibility along with other conventional techniques for better results.

Key words: Self myofascial release, golf ball, plantar fascia mobilization, hamstring flexibility

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