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Case Report

Year: 2018 | Month: December | Volume: 8 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 192-196

Bridge Flap: A Sine Qua Non For Mucogingival Deformities

Debajyoti Mondal, Anju L, Rajul Choradia, Somen Bagchi, Ashit Kumar Pal

Department of Periodontics, Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College & Hospital.

Corresponding Author: Debajyoti Mondal


One of the common clinical findings associated with dental hypersensitivity in mandibular anterior teeth region is gingival recession accompanied with insufficient width of keratinized gingiva. Management of gingival recession in most of the cases include the connective tissue graft plus coronally advanced flap (CTG+CAF) which is considered the gold standard for root coverage therapy. An alternative option, avoiding the need for two surgeries, palatal donor tissue and allograft material, is the use bridge flap surgical procedure.
A surgical technique with the the aim of increasing the width of keratinized gingiva and coverage of recession defect was performed in buccal gingival recessions associated to traumatic brushing in the mandibular central incisors to determine its efficacy in the root coverage procedure of Miller’s class I recession defect.
Gradual surgical healing with minimal postoperative morbidity and very slight discomfort was observed at 1 week. The clinical observation at 3-months revealed complete root coverage with an adequate zone of keratinized tissue.
The results seem to suggest that the single step bridge flap can provide a valid treatment procedure in root coverage.

Key words: Gingival recession, bridge flap, keratinized gingiva.

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