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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: November | Volume: 8 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 15-19

Physical Health Problems and Hypertension among Elderly Residing in Old Age Homes in Varanasi, India

Yogesh Sahu1, S.P. Singh2, Manushi Srivastava3, Sujeet Kumar Arya4

1Ph.D. Research Scholar Department of Community Medicine IMS BHU Varanasi-221008,
2Professor, Department of Community Medicine IMS, BHU Varanasi-221008
3Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine IMS, BHU Varanasi-221008
4Ph.D. Research Scholar Department of Sociology Banaras Hindu University

Corresponding Author: Yogesh Sahu


Background: Changing in demographic scenario and population projections of India indicate that the growth rate of Indian older adults (≥60 yrs.) is comparatively faster than other regions of the world. Modernization, urbanization, and globalization have changed the traditional concept of family in India, which was to provide natural and social security to the ill, dependent and the older family members.Health status is an important factor that has significant impact on the quality of life of an elderly population.
Objectives: To assess the Physical health problems Hypertension and of inhabitants residing in Old Age Homes of Varanasi. Methods:A cross sectional exploratory study conducted among elderly people with age ≥60 years residing at all old age homes in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh, India. Total 231study subjects participated in the study, data was collected by using predesigned and pretested Interview schedule.
Results: About three fourth inhabitants (73.6%) were females, 43.7% were 60-69 yrs age group, majority (59.7%) of them were illiterate, 49.2 % found hypertensive, 90% had some problem in walking and three fourth 74.0% suffered with some vision problem.
Conclusion: Females found in higher number, majority of them were Hindus, about half of elderly were illiterate and half of them were reported with hypertension. Problem in walking and vision problem found main physical problem in inhabitants in Old Age Homes.

Key words: Elderly, Hypertension, Physical Health

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