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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: November | Volume: 8 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 161-167

Effect of Nature Based Sound’s Intervention on Agitation and Anxiety of Patients Admitted in Intensive Care Units of MMIMS&R Hospital, Mullana, Ambala

Amandeep Kaur1, Vinay Kumari2, Manpreet Sharma3

1Postgraduate Student, 2Associate Professor, 3Assistant Professor,
MM College of Nursing, MMU, Ambala, Haryana

Corresponding Author: Amandeep Kaur


Introduction: Continue stay in ICU can lead to sleep disturbances and poor stress management that may result in client’s inability to adjust with the situations and use of medical support. This experience may lead to increase agitation and anxiety of client, decrease comfort level and increase recovery time as well as hospital stay. There has been great emphasis on non-pharmacological methods that decrease anxiety and stress since they are very appropriate and affordable.
Aim: To assess the effect of Nature Based Sounds on Agitation and Anxiety of patients admitted in Intensive Care Units.
Methodology: A Randomized Controlled Trial with pretest posttest control group design was used. Sixty patients from Surgical Intensive care unit and were selected conveniently and randomly assigned into experimental and control group using lottery method. Data was collected by Agitation Behavior Assessment Scale and Beck Anxiety Inventory.
Results: Both groups were homogenous at baseline in terms of sample characteristics, Agitation and Anxiety. The findings indicate that the means posttest Agitation (17.33+01.29) and Anxiety (17.97+06.10) scores of patients admitted in SICU in experimental group were significantly lower (p=≤0.05) than the mean posttest Agitation (20.90+02.51) and Anxiety (30.77+04.75) scores of patients in control group. Significant positive relationship was found between mean posttest scores of agitation and anxiety (r=0.59).
Conclusion: Nature Based Sounds is an effective intervention to decrease the Agitation and Anxiety of patients admitted in surgical Intensive Care Units. It is recommended that Nature Based Sounds can be used as an effective non-pharmacological intervention for relieving Agitation and Anxiety.

Key words: Nature Based Sounds' Intervention, Agitation, Anxiety

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