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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: November | Volume: 8 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 126-130

Assessment of Superio-Inferior, Medio-Lateral Position and Symmetry of Mental Foramen and Its Correlation with Age and Gender among South Indian Population Using Panoramic Radiographs

Dr Raviraj Jayam1, Dr. Shaik Sameeulla2, Dr. Rajendran Maddhuru3, Dr. Bokkasam Vijaykumar4, Dr. S. Venkata Suman2, Dr K N V Sai Praveen5

1Professor, 2Reader, 3Post-graduate, 4Professor and Head, 5Sr lecturer,
Dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology, CKS Theja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India.-517501.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Shaik Sameeulla


Objectives: The study was designed to identify the most common position and symmetry of mental foramen and its association with age and gender in selected south Indian population which is of significant importance to avoid mental nerve injuries during osteotomies, implant surgeries and local anesthesia procedures.
Materials and Methods: 300 panoramic radiographs of subjects aged 19-65 years collected from Department of Oral medicine and Radiology database and were traced for mediolateral and superioinferior position, symmetry and were correlated with Age and Gender.
Results: The most common mediolateral position of mental foramen was between the first and second premolars (44.7%). Superioinferiorly the position of mental foramen was located near root tip of the second pre-molars (55.0%). Superioinferiorly there was significant difference in position of mental foramen with reference to age which was not seen in mediolateral position.
Conclusion: Most common site of mental foramen was located mediolaterally between 1st and 2nd premolars, and superioinferiorly about 5mm below from root tip of 2nd premolar. Change in superioinferior position with age was observed and majority of them presenting symmetry with no significant change in position with reference to gender.

Key words: Mental foramen, mediolateral, superioinferior, panoramic radiographs.

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