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Year: 2018 | Month: November | Volume: 8 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 97-101

Correlation between the Measurement of the Umbilical Cord Diameter and the Birth Weight Outcome, in Sudanese Neonates

Elghazaly A. Elghazaly1, Khaild Al Awad2, Jameel Alghamdi3

1Department of Human Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, of Al- Baha University, KSA.
2Department of pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Al- Baha University, KSA.
3Department of pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Al- Baha University, KSA.

Corresponding Author: Elghazaly A. Elghazaly


Objectives: The study was aimed to establish a potential relationship between the measurement of umbilical cord diameter and the birth weight in labor room, in Sudanese neonates.
Materials and Methods: Diameter of one thousand and twenty umbilical cords of both sexes, single and twins birth of full term Sudanese neonates was measured immediately after delivery in the labor room, using Vernier Calipers, then their neonatal weight was measured, using Siltec electronic baby weighing scale BS1. Data were analyzed by Statistical Package for Social Science version 16 (SPSS).
Results: Average umbilical cord diameter in Sudanese neonates is about 1.5 cm, being bigger in single males than females, but in twin males and females were about the same. The average neonatal weight at birth is 3100 grams is single neonate and 2400 grams in twin, being bigger in males neonates. Strong correlation was found between the cord diameter and neonatal weights at the delivery P-Value is (0.000). The study shows that each (0.1mm) of cord diameter equal (300) grams of the birth weight (0.1= 300), thus measurement of cord diameter at birth, can help for detection of neonatal weight at the birth. It is concluded that neonatal weight can be detecting at the labor room by measuring cord diameters in mm, then multiple cord measuring in mm × 3000 grams.
Recommendation: is it recommended that measurement of the cord diameter in the labor room can be using as one of the neonatal weighing methods measurement at the birth.

Key words: Sudanese, umbilical cord diameter, and birth weight.

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